Frequently called numbers

Contact us at if you have a question or need more information. 

Absences/tardies: call school 

Adult education:

After-school careCarla Sibley, community relations, 330.761.3297

Akron After SchoolDesiree Bolden, 330.761.3155

Akron Early College High SchoolCheryl Connolly, 330.972.6450

Akron Plan, Dan Rambler: 330.761.2734

AkronReadsCarla Sibley,  community relations, 330.761.3297

Akron STEM High School: Dina Popa (interim), 330.761.7965

Alternative programs: call school

Ask Gilby®Ryan Rittenhouse, communications, 330.761.3097

AthleticsJoe Vassalotti, 330.761.7988

BECOME programCarla Sibley, community relations, 330.761.3297

Board meetingsMarilyn Clackler, superintendent's office, 330.761.2921

Board members:

Board policies: Rhonda Porter, general counsel, 330.761.2911

Building construction, facility planning/capital improvement: Debra Foulk, 330.761.2805

Building permitsNina Biscan, 330.761.2806

Business affairsDebra Foulk, 330.761.2805

Bus schedules: call school

Child custody: student services,330.761.2734

Child nutritionLaura Kepler, 330.761.1335

College/career services: Barbara Williams, 330.761.3130

  • Classrooms at Central-Hower, Dental Program, 330.761.7968
  • Classrooms at Central-Hower, Transition to Work Program, 330.761.7969

Communications: Mark Williamson, 330.761.2930

Community relations: Carla Sibley, 330.761.3297

CounselorsYvonne Culver, 330.761.3032, or call school

Curriculum and instruction:

Data/accountabilityHoward Lawson, 330.761.2718

Dental sealantWilma Cowan-Alexander, student services, 330.761.2741

Early Learning Program/preschoolPatricia Cronin, 330.873.3396 

Expulsion/suspension referralsRebecca Jenkins, student services, 330.761.2742

Gifted & talented programs: Megan Mannion, 330.761.3045

Graduation, curriculum and instruction: Mark Black, secondary schools 330.761.3079

Home instructionPaul Rusinko, special education, 330.761.2965

Home schooling: Wanda Basinger, student services, 330.761.2810

Human resourcesKathy McVey, 330.761.2945

Instructional technology/library/media servicesMegan Mannion, 330.761.3045

NIHF ... STEM School: 330.761.3195

Olympus: Laura Everett, 330.873.3345

Open enrollmentMarianne Malecky, 330.761.2816

PASSLaura Everett, 330.873.3373

Police-in-the-Schools: student services, 330.761.2819

Post-secondary optionsMark Black, 330.761.3079; or call school

Proficiency/Ohio Graduation Testing, testing, research and evaluationPatricia Agble, 330.761.3066

Project GRAD AkronJacqueline Silas-Butler, 330.761.3056

Project RISE: 330.761.2969

PTA: Beth Sendelbach,

Registration (K-12): call school

Report Cards (K-12): call school

Safety Hotline: 800.418.6423, ext. 359

School assignment: student services, 330.761.2735 or 330.761.2742

School closingsDebra Foulk, business affairs, 330.761.2805, or local radio stations

School improvement: Kenya Harrington, 330.761.3111

School lunch/breakfast programLaura Kepler, child nutrition, 330.761.1335

Security: student services, 330.761.2734

SOARRebecca Green-Pallotta, 330.761.1604

Special education, transportationSherry Johnson, 330.761.3154, or Vicki Feesler, 330.761.1393

Special permits: student services, 330.761.2734

Specialty programs: Tamiko Hatcher, 330.761.7933

Student behavior (disciplinary actions, Juvenile Court, suspension and expulsion referrals, truancy - appointments): student services, Rebecca Jenkins, 330.761.2742

Student behavior (Code of Student Behavior): Student Services, 330.761.2734

Student behavior (Pupil Adjustment Program): Student Services, Erich Merkle, 330.761.2830

Summer school (secondary)Tom Hotes, curriculum and instruction 330.794.4120

Summer school (elementary): curriculum and instruction, Mary Outley-Kelly, 330.761.3075

SuperintendentDavid W. James, 330.761.2920

Television shows, Mark Williamson, communications, 330.761.2930

Title 1: Kenya Harrington, school improvement, 330.761.3111

Transcripts, current students: contact your school counselor

Transcripts, former studentsLatisha Hamer, student services, 330.761.2817

TransportationWilliam Andexler, 330.761.1390

VolunteersCarla Sibley, community relations, 330.761.3297

WAPS 91.3FM The SummitTommy Bruno, 330.761.3095

Weapons: student services, 330.761.2734

Work permits: Sondra Shephard, student services, 330.761.2763

YMCA/Phoenix programTony Grimes, 330.784.0408