Community Learning Centers


The CLC program is part of an aggressive, 15-year plan to remodel or rebuild Akron Public Schools and transform the buildings into "community learning centers." With joint funding from the state and local community, more than $800 million is available for this program, making it the largest construction opportunity in the history of Akron. 

Final Joint Meeting Presentation 9/19/16

CLC Presentations (7/19-21) by David James

Akron Council of PTA Community Meeting 7/22/16

Garfield Community Meeting 7/21/16

North Community Meeting 7/20/16 (with translations)

Kenmore Community Meeting 7/19/16

CLC Building-by-Building Investments Through May 2016

CLCs benefit everyone:

  • Students get the best education possible through state-of-the-art facilities and classroom technology.
  • Taxpayers get the best value for their dollars.
  • During regular school hours, CLCs serve as the modern school facilities Akron kids and teachers need.
  • After school, on weekends and during the summer, many can be used for recreation, adult education, after-school and summer school programs, and a wide variety of community activities.

We have rebuilt, remodeled or restored 32 buildings. Two more are currently in the design phase, and three are under construction. The Akron Board of Education continues to work with the City of Akron, its main partner in this project, to formulate plans for the remaining schools in the district. Those plans will be made public as they are decided.  

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Latest news

12/13/16: Board Approves Site for CLC

11/10/16: Innes CLC Consolidation Q and A

11/8/16: Notes from Kenmore Meeting

11/3/16: Garfield's Swing to Kenmore Q and A

11/2/16: Roswell Kent Closing Q and A

10/28/16: Bettes Closing Q and A

10/28/16: Update: Ellet CLC

10/11/16: Board Votes on High School

9/27/16: Akron BOE/Council Meeting

9/20/16: Consolidation Talk Continues

9/1/16: Firestone/Litchfield CLCs Open

9/1/16: Images From Firestone/Litchfield

8/31/16: Horner's Corner: New CLCs

8/16/16: FHS/Litchfield Ribbon Cutting

7/22/16: Superintendent on CLC project

7/21/16: Building and consolidating

7/20/16: Update on Garfield, Kenmore, North

7/16/15: Firestone/Litchfield CLC to open fall 2016 

6/21/16: Five options for future

6/7/2016: The New Case CLC design preview

6/4/2016: APS and Consolidation (Akron Beacon Journal editorial)

5/31/2016: New Firestone High School set to open this fall

5/5/2016: Horner's Corner: L/F construction update

4/28/2016: Firestone and Litchfield nearing completion 

3/2/2016: Old Case Elementary prepared for demolition

2/5/2016: Progress for Firestone CLC (photos)

2/5/2016: Progress for Litchfield CLC (photos)

12/17/2015: Plan is to Consolidate this Year

12/15/2015: Moving Forward with Consolidation

11/15/2015: Board Approves Plan for Case CLC

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