About Case Elementary School

 Our school:

  • Our teachers average 20 years of experience.
  • 78% hold a master's degree or higher. 
  • Students in grades K-4 remain in the same, self-contained classroom; departmentalized instruction begins in grade 5. 


Our programs:

  • Case Elementary School has two Integrated School Age Programs, as well as multi-age and looped classrooms
  • We offer targeted interventions and academic support for students. 
  • Case Elementary School has a very active PTA.
  • Case Elementary School has strong community partnerships with Ohio Edison and 100 Black Men.
  • Case also offers morning and afternoon preschool and Pre-K for 3-5 year olds 



History of Case Elementary School


Case Elementary School was constructed in 1957 and a major addition was built in 1963. The school is named in honor of Anne T. Case (1880-1966), the first woman president of the Akron Board of Education. She became a member of the Akron Board of Education in 1934 and served 24 years. Case was active in other community organizations. She served as president of the YWCA, Summit County Federation of Women's Clubs, and Akron Council of Home and School League (the latter was the forerunner of the present Akron Council of Parent-Teacher Associations). She was also a member of the City Recreation Commission.