Scholarship Information

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Students, be aware that the list posted here will not include scholarships offered by a University for their prospective students. Check with the admissions office of the university of your choice to see what scholarships they offer to their students.

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Current APS scholarship opportunities and information 



Scholarships are listed in order they are received - find them in the same number folder box of paper applications located in the GRC:

 Deadline: October 12, 2016

 1) Greater Akron Soccer Officials Association

 (4) Scholarship Amount To Be Determined

 GASOA will award three scholarships to a deserving male and female soccer player and a senior referee from the Greater Akron Area to students pursuing undergraduate study at accredited two or four U.S. colleges, universities or trade schools. Recipients are chosen through a competitive process in the following areas of evaluation: work experience, career goals and aspirations, participation in school and community related activities, special awards, honors, offices held, and referee experience.


Deadline: November 30, 2016

 2) Caption Scholarship

 (1) $500

 Be attending college/university no later than fall 2017. Have a GPA of 2.5 or greater and be a resident of the U.S.

 Application: caption scholarship scholarship.php


Deadline: December 1, 2016

 3) 10 Words or Less Scholarship

 (1) $500

 Anyone who is between the ages of 14-25 who will be attending school in the fall of 2017. High school students who are enrolled by September 2017 are considered eligible.

Application: Words or less scholarship scholarship.php


Deadline: December 15, 2017

 4) Points Scholarship

 (10) $10,000

 At least 13 years old and enrolled or will enroll in a college or university in the U.S. A legal resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

 Application: scholarships scholarship.php


Deadline: June 2, 2017

 5) Got a Spine Scholarship

 (1) $500

 Be attending college or university, on a full-time basis, no later than October, 2017. Have achieved a GPA of 2.5 or greater during their last academic year. 

Application: college scholarships.php


Deadline: June 15, 2017

 6) Global Lift Equipment Scholarship

 (1) $500

 Be currently attending or planning on attending a post-secondary institution in the U.S. no later than the fall of 2017. Submit a short story. Detailed instructions can be found on application page.

 Application: scholarship applications.php


Deadline: June 30, 2017

7) Lift Parts Express Scholarship

(1) $500

Current senior in high school. A freshman or sophmore in college/university Enrolled or expected to be enrolled by the fall of 2017



Deadline: To Be Determined

8) Farrish Law Firm (Cincinnati, Ohio)

(1) $1,000

Be a college-aged student. Create a short (30-120 second) video telling us about the superhero or superheroes that have influenced your education. The student will tell us how tis scholarship will help them reach their goals! 

The student will then upload their video to YouTube.



Deadline: May 22, 2017

9) B. Davis Scholarship

(1) $1,000

Please visity our website at to read about us and apply for our scholarship.


Deadline: October 15, 2016

10) Newcomer Mortuary Science Scholarship Program

(6) $3,500 and (8) $500 (across the country)

Currently enrolled in a mortuary science program or be a graduating high school senior who intends to enroll in a mortuary science program. Enrolled for a minimum of 12 hours or 18 quarter hours in a program of mortuary science education at an institution accredited with the ABFSE. Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident.



11) Akron Council of PTAs Scholarship 2016-2017

December 2, 2016

Student or parent must be a member. Complete application, short essay


12) Levy Law Offices


March 20, 2017

To apply, students will create a short (2-3) minute) vido or write a 1000 word essay telling us about one of the following things:  (1) Explain why you do not support or promote distracted driving (Ex:  driving while texting or drinking)  (2) Explain how you prevent distracted driving and promote safe driving practices for yourself, friends, or family by providing specific examples.  The applicant's vide and essay should also tell us how this scholarship will help them to achieve their educational goals.  They will then upload the video to YouTube, fill out the application and include a link to their video on YouTube, or just submit their essay through the application.  For more information


13) Mensa Education and Research Foundation (MERF) Scholarship

January 15, 2017

Applicant must be enrolled in a degree program in an accredited US instituion of higher learning during the academic year following the application date, and applicant must submit an application and essay explaining his or her career, academic and/or vocational goals.  Pick up a copy of the rules and guidelines

14) YDI Scholarship
(1) $1,000
October 29, 2016
Applications can be found at:

15) Coca-Cola Scholarship
(1,400) $20,000
October 31, 2016
Applications can be found at:

16) VIP Scholarship
(1) $5,000
Applications can be found at:

17) Trucker to Trucker Scholarshi
(2) $500
November 1, 2016
Applications can be found at:

18) SP Scholarship
(10) $10,000
November 15, 2016
Applications can be found at:	

19) Elks Most Valuable Scholarship
(500) $50,000 
November 30, 2016
Applications can be found at:

20) Slxt Scholars
(5) $5,000
November 30, 2016
Applications can be found at:
21) Andrew Flushe Scholarship (2) $500 November 30, 2016 Applications can be found at: 22) Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers (5) $2,000 December 1, 2016 Applications can be found at: 23) National Space Club Scholarship (1) $10,000 December 2, 2016 Applications can be found at:

24) BigSun Scholarships June 19, 2017 $500 Successful senior applicant attending a post secondary institute and currently involved in some
sport at that institution or in the community. Visit the website at 25) NFIB Yef Young Entrepreneur December 18, 2016 Graduating high school senior who operates their own small business. Visit for more information and to apply online 26) Ronald McDonal House Charities (RMHC) U.S. Scholarship Program January 18, 2017 Seniors who are exemplary role models in their communities and have the initiative to fulfill their educational goals visit for complete program details and eligibility requirements 27) Boston University merit-based scholarships full tuition to four-year $20,000 December 1, 2016 Trustee Scholarship - Boston's most prestigious full-tuition scholarship recognizes extraordinary academic performance and leadership ability. Students must submit two additional essays with their application for admission Presidential Scholarship - Four-year $20,000 scholarship is awarded to students with exceptional academic achievements. No additional application materials are required-all students need to do to be considered is apply for admission by the deadline

28) Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program
up to $40,000 per yr
High school graduate, intending to enroll full time in an accredited 4-yr college in the Fall, have
a 3.5 GPA or above, ACT 26+, demonstrate financial need.  Apply by visiting:
29) Charles L. Warren Memorial Heritage Scholarship
February 3, 2017
Demonstrates and shows a continued commitment to cultural and intellectual diversity, attends
an OACAC member high school, accumulated GPA 3.0 or better, attending an OHIO college
or university

30) Radney Scholarships for Gifted Students (2) $3,000 January 2, 2017 Must have a cum GPA of at least a 3.5 on an unweighted scale of 4.0, demonstrated leadership through community service or extra curricular activities, complete entry form, original essay describing in 250 words or less how using their "out of the box" unusual thinking has enabled an accomplishment for them, and must have application authorized by district contact or gifted coordinator/representative from their school 31) Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc Scholarships February 10, 2017 Scholarships are targeting under-represeted minority students (African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific-Islander and Native American) Select scholarship for which you are applying, 2.5 or higher GPA, official transcript, two letters of recommendation 500-word essay Barbara Whatley Scholarship - $1,000 senior who has made a commitment to academic excellence Ruth Travis Scholarship - $1,000 senior who has a made a commitment to community service and has participated in extra-curricular activities such as varsity sports, clubs or youth groups White Rose Scholarship - $500 - student that is pursuing a Bachelor's degree and involved in extra-curricular activites and/or community service 32) The Accomplished Achiever & The Bobby G. Sanders Memorial Scholarships April 15, 2017 one time award (5) $500 or (1) $1,000 Successful in his/her academics and/or vocation with a 2.0 - 4.0 or higher GPA, demonstrate personal commitment to church and/or comunity services, well groomed, possess leadership skills and potential, flexible and possesses good sense of humor, well-defined and realistic goals, 250 to 500 word essay 33) Parry & Pfau Left-Handed Scholarship July 31, 2017 $1,500 Complete application online Record a one- to two-minute video responding to the following prompt (video can be filmed on a smartphone, digital camera/camcorder or webcam and must be recorded in the “landscape” (long) format rather than “portrait” (tall) format). Why is it better to be left-handed than right-handed? Start by stating your name, then answer the question and share an experience. Be creative. Humor is appreciated. (Don’t take the question too seriously.) Upload the video to Youtube. Make sure you put “Parry & Pfau Scholarship 2017” in the title of the video. Also ensure that the video is not marked “private,” or we will not be able to view it. Instructions for uploading a video on YouTube can be found here. 34) Robert A. Klingler Co., L.P.A. Ohio Problem-Solving Scholarship May 31, 2017 $1,000 Go to and complete the application online, includes 500–1,000 word essay in length explaining the one thing you would change about the world if you could, why, and how you would do it. 35) LENDEDU Scholarship April 15, 2017 $1,000 Must be a current high school senior, a U.S. Citizen, earning a minimum 2.5 GPA in high school Complete application online at Answer essay in 750 words or less "With college becoming more expensive, securing a good job after graduation is crucial. How will you consider your future earning potential in choosing a major, while still pursuing something that interests you?"

36) University of Cincinnati Cincinnatus XXI scholarship program (10) Presidential awards of $92,000 up to (60) Excellence awards of $70,000 December 1, 2016 Apply to University of Cincinnati, have a strong high school record, transcript and official test scores sent directly by the testing agency

37) 2016-2017 Cavaliers/Huntington Scholarship Program (10) non renewable February 10, 2017 Complete entry form and enclose copy of transcript reflecting academic achievement through their junior year, letter of recommendation, 500-word essay on the following question: "What's the most important lesson you have learned up to this point in your life and how do you plan to apply that lesson going forward?" SAT or ACT scores, extracurricular activity (work experience, community involvement, etc),interview 38) 2017 Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools' OhioLEADS! Scholarship Program (130+) ranging from $1,500 to $40,000 April 14, 2017 'C' average or better to apply. Each applicant must be nominated by a local civic or community leader or by a current memeber of the Ohio Legislature. Must be able to meet the college or school's entrance requirements. Applicants are eligible to apply for up to three scholarships, but must use a separate application for each scholarship. 39) Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program/Foundation 2017 Scholarship Opportunities for Students between December 1, 2016 and March 1, 2017 $1,000 renewable Must have a career goal in the crude oil and natural gas industry, or related energy field, must be Ohio resident or a student planning to attend an accredited Ohio college, university, technical, or trade school. Must have and maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Complete two-page application, signed and dated. Two letters of recommendation, 250-500 word essay describing personal and career goals, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, awards/recognitions, community service, work history, financial needs, and personal or family influences. You should describe how you would use your degree to help the oil and gas industry. Transcript and ACT/SAT scores. Desire to work in the energy industry.

40) Kappa Foundation of Akron Scholarship Award
February 12, 2017
Graduate from a senior high school located in Summit County, plan to enroll in a 
college or university for Fall 2017, meet 2.5 GPA, complete Kappa Foundation
Scholarship application, high school transcript and three letters of recommendation

41) Graphic Arts Council - Educational Scholarship in Graphic Communications Mgmt and Technology
December 16, 2017
Candidates must be in upper one third of their graduating class with a recommendation,
desire to be employed in Graphic Communications industry, knowledgeable of the VC&D
program at Cuyahoga Community College, complete application
42) Graphic Arts Council - Outstanding Student Award Nomination in Commercial Art Graphic                              Design & Printing Classes
December 16, 2017
Student must be involved in some form of graphic arts program at his/her respective
school.  This could include involvement in Printing, Vocational Printing, Visual Arts, 
Commercial Art, Graphic Design, Photography or Computer Graphics.

43) Graphic Arts Council - Benny Awards Call for Entries in Graphic Design & Printing
December 16, 2017
1st Place     $100.00
2nd Place     $ 50.00
3rd Place     $ 25.00
Entries should be mounted on black heavy weight board with at least 2" of border
on all sides.  All entries must include a completed entry form attached to each entry.
Two major categories for entries - graphic design & printing

44) SkillsUSA Scholarship - Marsha Daves Memorial Scholarship
May 1, 2017

45) SkillsUSA Scholarship - National Technical Honor Society Scholarship
April 1, 2017 

46) SkillsUSA Scholarship - Sharon Melton Myers Memorial Scholarship
April 15, 2017

47) SkillsUSA Scholarhip - Alumni and Friends Merit Scholarship
May 1, 2017

48) Skills USA STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)
March 15, 2017 stem-science-technology-engineering -mathematics-scholarship/ 49) SkillsUSA Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable (SCOAR) April 1, 2017

50) Judge Harold K. Stubbs Scholarship January 13, 2017 Complete application, 200 word essay in 3rd person. Include a brief biography, list organizations and offices held in an out of school, description of extracurricular activities in school, community service, significant achievements, hobbies, career goal 51) Ohio PTA for Academic, Technical, or Special Education March 1, 2017 $500.00 Scholarship application, letter of recommendation, official school transcript the Ohio PTA scholarship cover sheet

52) Public Housing Authorities Directors Association (PHDA) Scholarship (3) Scholarships - Stephen Bollinger $7,000 Freedom & Civil Rights $5,000 SACS Software/Scott Acctg & Computer Svces $5,000 January 20, 2017 High School senior residing in in a PHADA member agency, public housing, section 8 housing participants eligible as long as the agency they reside in is PHADA member. 'B' average. Application, transcript, essay, and two letters of recommendation

53) Akron Urban League February 14, 2017 250 word essay, copy of FAFSA, minimum of 20 volunteer hours at the Akron Urban League, complete application, letter of recommendation from counselor Applications can be found at
54) Lighthouse Guild Vision+Health Scholarships March 31, 2017 (20) $10,000 Completion of application form online, proof of legal blindness, proof of US citizenship or legal residency, documentation of academic achievement, three letters of recommendation, two personal statements
55) National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences February 16, 2017 (2) $2,000 Plan to pursue a career in television or a television-related field. Complete application online through the website

56) NorthCoast Medical Training Academy
$3,000 Veterinary Asst
$3,000 Medical Asst
$3,000 Massage Therapy
$4,000 Practical Nursing
High School diploma, no ACT or SAT, no GPA requirement (2.0 or above GPA
Practical Nursing only)

57) Ohio Newspapers Foundation Minority Journalism Scholarship March 31, 2017 $1,500 Graduating seniors specifically interested in journalism, advertising, marketing, communictions attending an Ohio college or university
58) Joy Park Scholarship March 27, 2017 Application, essay, letter of recommendation, 2.75 or above GPA, copy of letter of acceptance, community involvement, graduating from an Akron school

 59) The William D. Squires Educational Foundation, Inc.
(15) $3,000 renewable scholarships
April 5, 2017
Eligibility is primarily based upon financial need.  The EFC on your FAFSA Student Aid
Report (SAR) must be less than 8,000 to apply, applicants must already know their
career goal, be highly motivated, have good character, show academic promise, minimum
3.2 GPA

60) Junior Women's Civic Club (3) $2,000 scholarships March 31, 2017 Female students who have volunteer service, proven themselves academically, and have financial need, min 2.5 GPA
61) Ohio Black Women's Leadership Caucus Book Scholarships February 28, 2017 African-American male or female senior graduating from Akron Public Schools. 2.5 GPA, Official transcript,two letters of recommendations, be able to accept the award in person at the Awards Ceremony Luncheon to be held Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 11:00 am at Tangier's
62) Greater Akron Touchdown Club Foundation Scholarships (4) $1,000 scholarships March 1, 2017 Graduate from a senior high school located in either Summit, Portage, or Medina, plan to enroll in Fall 2017, during senior year in high school earn at least one (1) varsity letter for participation in an interscholastic sport, two letters of recommendation
63) Abbott & Fenner Scholarship $1,000 June 12, 2017 Submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of their website
64) Ohio Athletic Committee Scholarship February 1, 2017 Graduating seniors residing in Ohio who have competed in at least one Ohio Athletic Committee wrestling event or been memeber of high school football team, cheerleading squad or cross country team
65) Acorn Community Foundation $1,000 renewable April 30, 2017 Need-based, renewable up to 3 yrs but must maintain a min 2.0 GPA and full-time status. Apply on
66) Frank Meadows Scholarship $1,000 May 1, 2017 Grown up in and have ties to the Ellet community, participation in extracurricular activities, history of community service, min 2.75 GPA, complete application


67) AIS Scholarships
(35) $10,000 scholarships
February 15, 2017
Enrolled in a university, college, junior college or technical school, one-quarter (1/4) enrolled
member of a Federally Recognized Native American Tribe.  Applications can be found at:

68) Elks National Foundation Scholarship 250) $4,000 scholarships February 3, 2017 Student must complete and submit ONLINE application. Applications can be found at: awards_scholarship.php
69) Happy New Year Scholarship $1,000 January 31, 2017 Applications can be found at: happy_new_year_scholarship_scholarship.php
70) 2017 Scholarship Points Awards (10) $10,000 scholarships January 31, 2017 Applications can be found at: 2017_scholarship_points_awards_scholarship.php
71) Shred Paper to Stand Against Bullying $5,000 January 31, 2017 No minimum GPA or essay required. Open to people ages 13 to 25. Must live in U.S. or have US citizenship. Applications can be found at: scholarship/13969/shred_paper_to_stand_against_bullying_scholarship.php
72) John and Muriel Landis Scholarships (9) $1,000 February 1, 2017 Need not be related to a member of the Elks. Applications can be found at: scholarships_scholarship.php
73) VIP Scholarship $5,000 January 31, 2017 Applications can be found at: 13667/vip_scholarship_scholarship.php
74) Spread Positivity In Your Community Scholarship $3,000 January 31, 2017 No GPA required, must live in the or have US citizenship. Applications can found at: community_scholarship_scholarship.php
75) Conquer Your Resolution Scholarship $1,000 January 30, 2017 Legal resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico. Applications can be found at: scholarship_scholarship.php
76) You Deserve it Scholarship $1,000 January 29, 2017 Applications can be found at: 12809/you_deserve_it_scholarship-scholarship.php
77) American Association of Blacks in Energy AABE Scholarship (3) $1,000 scholarships Students must have an unweighted GPA of "B" or better, graduating high school and intending to enroll the next semester following high school graduation in an accredited college or university, plan to major in business, one of the physical sciences, technology, engineering or math fields in preparation for a career in the energy sector. Must be one of the historically underrepresented minorities in the busioness, sciences, technology, engineering and math-related disciplines (African American, Hispanic, or Native American)
78)The Ryland Robert Reel Memorial Scholarship March 15, 2017 Must be a graduating senior that has played JV or varsity football, baseball or softball for a minimum of two years. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 or equivalent Must show good citizenship.Must display good sportsmanship and give 100% effort regardless of talent. Must have financial need and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). Must plan to attend college on a full-time basis. Must show high moral character, be alcohol and drug free, and not have been convicted of a crime. Essay on the topic, "Why I want to obtain a college education." Here’s what I found. Application can be submitted online or downloaded from their website. Robert-Revised-for-20131.pdf
79) Anne K. Petry Scholarship $1,000 April 30, 2017 Established by Summit Education Partnership Foundation to provide scholarships for Akron Public Schools students studying special education. Website: Students/ScholarshipFunds.aspx?s=Anne+K.+Petry+Scholarship+Fund
80) Bettie Portwood Summit County Pest Control Association Scholarship Fund $1,000 May 1, 2017 Established by the Summit County Pest Control Association in memory of Bettie Portwood, former president of the Ohio Pest Management Association, to provide scholarships for students studying entomology. Priority is given to children of association members. Website: Summit+County+Pest+Control+Association+Scholarship+Fund

81) Summit Endodontic Specialists, Inc Scholarship (2) $250 April 7, 2017 Min 3.0 GPA for junior and senior years, base on merit, community service, and academic performance. Completed application, official transcript,letter of recommendation addressing the reason(s) why you should be considered and your potential, letter of acceptanc from college
82) The Jack W. and Shirley Berger Scholars Scholarship Fund up to $10,000 for up to 4 years if a 3.0 GPA is maintained March 1, 2017 Resident of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Portage, or Summit Counties, high school senior min 3.5 GPA, min 28 ACT or 1850 SAT, financial need (total family income below $150,000, must take a college course in comparative religion during your 1st or 2nd yr of university
83) The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company "Greatness STEMs from Me" Scholarship (3) $2,500 pursuing a Bachelor of Science in any Engineering discipline (1 of 3) $2,500 to be awarded
to a female applicant and sponsored by the Fostering Young Women in Excellence Scholarship Fund (FYWESF) (5) $1,000 scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Science in any Engineering discipline (4) $500 scholarships to pursue a Bachelor of Science in any Engineering discipline (5) $1,000 scholarships to pursue a Bachelor's not Associate's in any STEM discipline-to be awarded to
applicants currently enrolled in Akron Public Schools (3) $1,000 scholarships to pursue a Bachelor's or Associates's degree in any STEM discipline March 10, 2017
Complete application, one letter of recommendation from a core STEM(science, technology, engineering,
or math) teacher, high school transcript copy of score report for SAT or ACT, evidence accepted into
a Bach of Science or Assoc undergrad STEM program, 3.0 or higher GPA
84) 'KidGuard for Education' Essay Scholarship multiple scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 March 31, 2017 All 11th and 12th graders. Part 1 - Choose one of the following to write an essay on: 1. How have you or your peers been affected by cyberbullying? Propose your solution for cyberbullying. 2. How do you think schools can aid in stopping cyberbullying? Propose your solution for cyberbullying. Part 2 - Survey questions. Follow steps to submit your essay

85)85) OAPSE AFSCME Memorial Scholarship Fund $2,500 March 1, 2017 Any graduating high school senior whose parent or legal guardian is a member in good standing of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE/AFSCME Local 4/AFL-CIO) and intends to enroll full-time in a 2 or 4 yr accredited university, college, business, or tech school. Can be used for any field of study. Complete application, two letters of recommendation, essay.


86)  Aultman Diversity & Inclusion Council 2017 Scholarship Opportunity Nursing or Radiology
$2,500 recipient eligible to reapply annually for a max amt $5,000 assoc and $10,000 bachelor
May 1, 2017
Scholarship will be awarded after successful completion of the 1st sem. Applicants accepted into Aultman College of Nursing & Health Sciences.
Must be a member of a racial or ethnic minority group, express financial need,min 2.5 GPA, demonstrate annual commitment of 40 total hours during academic breaks to include community service, volunteering, unpaid internship, shadow an	assigned Aultman employee mentor in the career area of study, official transcript,complete application, essay

87) Aultman Diversity & Inclusion Council 2017 Scholarship Opportunity Information Technology (IT) $2,500 recipient eligible to reapply annually for a max amt $5,000 assoc and $10,000 bachelor May 1, 2017
Must be accepted in business information systs or information technology programs with plans to attend a college located in Portage, Stark, Summit Tuscarawas or Wayne counties. Must be a member of a racial or ethnic minority group, express financial need, min 2.5 GPA, demonstrate annual commitment of 40 total hours during academic breaks to include community service, volunteering, unpaid internship, shadow an assigned Aultman employee mentor in the career area of study, official transcript, complete application, essay
88) Ohio Black Caucus of School Board Members Leo Lucas Scholarship March 3, 2017 Must be ethnically diverse, GPA 2.5 or higher, selection based on academic record, extracurricular activities, personal qualities, letter of recommendation, official transcript, letter of acceptance to an accredited postsecondary institution of higher learning
89) Bruce Buchholzer Scholarship (4) $1,000 March 24, 2017 Must be a high school senior, male or female, living within Akron/Summit County. Must have lettered in a varsity sport. Must have an overall 3.0 G.P.A. or above for 4 years of high school. Letter of recommendation from a coach or athletic director. Must be attending college in the upcoming Fall. Apply online at:
90)  VFW Firestone Post 3383 Scholarship
March 20, 2017
Completed application, three letters of recommendation, transcript, essay
91) Women's Network/Judith Resnik Scholarship $1,000 renewable March 31, 2017 two letters of recommendation, high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores, completed application, 3.0 GPA

92)  Ellet Amateur Athletic Association (EAAA) Scholarship
$1,000  Herb Jackson Memorial
$1,000  Don Allen Memorial
$1,000  Dan & Judy Gable
May 5, 2017
At some time have participated in at least one of Ellet Amateur
Athletic Association sponsored sports programs.  (Ellet Raiders
Youth Football and Cheerleading, Ellet Association Baseball and/or
Softball, Ellet Youth Boys or Girls Basketball).  Be a member in
good standing, accepted by, enrolled into, and attend college in
the fall.  Complete application and attach official transcript 

93) Italian American Professional & Businessmen's Club Scholarship (10) $5,000 April 15, 2017 Scholarships awarded based on Italian descent, scholastic ability, need, character, and activities, letter of recommendation, document of Italian origin, must live in Summit county
94) Summit County Retired Teachers $1,000 April 1, 2017 3.0 GPA, pursuing a degree in education, evidence of college enrollment, complete application, sponsored by a past or present educator, answer four prompts
95) BP Scholarship $2,000 March 31, 2017 High school senior, must have formally applied to an accredited four-year college or university in Ohio with the intent of becoming a science major, intending to pursue a scientific career after graduation. (Pre-med and pre-pharmacy are excluded) must have completed or in the process of completing a minimum of three (3) academic years of laboratory science courses (Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics), also (3) years of math, GPA 3.4, must exhibit strong scientific achievement and continued interest in chemistry and mathematics
96) Akron Branch of the NAACP 4-Year Full Tuition Scholarship April 15, 2017 Awarded to an incoming freshman who, as a high school senior, is attending a high school within the Akron Public School District or attends a parochial school while residing within the Akron Public School district, applicants must be admitted to Kent State University and intending to enroll full time Fall 2017, demonstrate financial aid with completion of FAFSA, 3.35 GPA, African American, Hispanic, of native American, complete application and personal statement
97) Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated 2017 Scholarship Application Barbara Whaley Scholarship $1,000 Ruth Travis Scholar $1,000 Dove Scholarship $500 The White Rose Scholarship $500 February 10, 2017 Select scholarship you are applying for, 2.5 or higher GPA, two letters of recommendation, 500 word essay regarding how this scholarship will help/support your academic goals, complete application
98) Norma B. Summerville Scholarship $3,333 April 30, 2017 Female senior at Akron Public Schools, financial need, 3.0 GPA, enrolled in an accredited four-year college or university
99) Anne K. Petry Scholarship Fund $1,000 April 30, 2017 Senior in Akron Public Schools pursuing a degree in special education
100) Coming Together Diversity Scholarship Fund $1,200 April 30, 2017
Senior in Akron Public Schools enrolled in a four-year college or university
101) Acorn Scholarship Fund $1,000 April 30, 2017 Senior in Akron Public Schools, financial need, enrolled in a four-year accredited college or university, preference given to students who participated in performing or visual arts during high school
102) Richard L. Averitte Memorial Scholarship Fund $500 - $1,000 April 30, 2017 Akron area senior who participated in a music program
103) Richard Chenoweth Qualified Designated Scholarship Varies March 31, 2017 Resident of Summit County, financial need, enrolled in an in-state higher education institution (including community colleges) accredited by the Ohio Board of Regents
104) Esther Simonetti Owen Future Educators Scholarship Fund of Akron Community Foundation $1,000 April 12, 2017 Senior graduating from the Akron Public Schools, having spent at least the last four years in APS. Preference given to students who have an aptitude for, interest in and experience working with children, attend a four-year accredited college or university majoring in education, must have a high school GPA 3.25 or higher, financial need is not a consideration, complete application


105) Judith A. Resnik Memorial Fund
April 30, 2017
One female and one male in Akron Public Schools that have four years of college
prep math, three years of lab science, including one year of biology and one
yr of physics or chemistry, pursuing a degree in mathematics, science or allied
fields, accepted by a four-year accredited college or university, min 3.5 GPA in
all math and science courses taken; minimum 3.0 GPA overall, participation in 
extracurricular school activities and community service, two letters of
recommendaiton, completed FAFSA, short essay, apply on line

106) Kappa Kappa IOTA Phi State Scholarship for Education Majors March 1, 2017 Plan to go into the field of education, complete application, and include an essay about why you are choosing a career in educaiton and qualities you possess that would make you a good teacher


 107) OMNOVA Scholarship

1) $2,000 renewable scholarship
March 31, 2017
One graduating senior from each of the Akron Public high Schools.  Criteria is that the
student be in the second tier of ability, ie. a student that is bright and talented but does
not receive the recognition and schoalrships as does a student in the top tier.  Essay, two
letters of recommendation, one from a school adminsitrator or cousnelor, SAR Report from
the FAFSA, complete application on line, if possible or print legibly

108) John B. Yasinsky $3,000 renewable March 31, 2017 One Akron Public School student pursuing a college education in science and technology. Essay, two letters of recommendation, one from a school adminsitrator or cousnelor, SAR Report from the FAFSA, complete application on line, if possible or print legibly
109) Kappa Kappa Iota Nu Chapter Scholarship for Future Educators $500 April 7, 2017 High School seniors who wish to pursue a career in education. Complete application, essay
110) Homer Unkefer Agriculture Scholarship (2) $1,000 April 15, 2017 Individuals pursuing secondary education in an agricultural related profession, 3.0 GPA, complete application, essay, transcript


111)  Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation
up to $3,000 per semester renewable for 3 yrs if grades are maintained
May 12, 2017
Need based, 3.0 GPA in his/her junior and senior year, at least a 22 ACT, participated in
extra-curricular activities such as sports and/or community service, two letters of
recommendation from his/her school

112) Carrie E. Simon NAACP Scholarship $500 April 28, 2017 Academic ability, leadership qualities, complete application, submit two letters of recommendation (1 must be from a teacher, counselor, or principal), complete essay describing leadership roles in family, school and/or community, enclose copy of acceptance letter, be a member and enclose completed NAACP application
113) AADE Scholarship (20) $1,000 scholarships April 15, 2017 3.5 or above GPA, 27 ACT, be enrolled in an accredite college in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia, citizen of the US, submit a fully completed and signed AADE scholarship application. To retrieve application, go to:

114) Patricia "Tricia" Powell Memorial Scholarship April 28, 2017 Complete application and essay, attach essay. Applicants can choose to submit a work of art or a recording of a performance (poetry, dancing, music, etc)


115 Akron Counselors Association Scholarship
May 3, 2017
Paragraph written about the part of your high school career that made the 
biggest impression on you and how you will use that to influence your plans and
dreams after graduation from Ellet.

116) Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants Scholarship $1,000 June 12, 2017 Completed application and essay on "Describe your educational career and life goals. Explain your plan for achieving these goals. Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals".

117) Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Scholarship
$3,000 (50) awards
June 1, 2017
Contest is open to all students of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes (grades 9-12)
in the public, parochial, private and home schools within the jurisdiction of the sponsoring state
society or district. Applications can be found by going to:

118) Fraser Institute Student Scholarship
$1,500 (3) awards
June 1, 2017
Must be a high school student planning to attend college in September 2017, answer essay question on
the sponsors website.  Applications can be found by going to:

119) AGWT Scholarships 
$2,000 (3) awards
June 1, 2017
Must be a high school senior,and plan on a career in a ground water related field. Applications can be found 
by going to:

120) Mark A. Forester Scholarship $1,000 June 1, 2017 Any student who is currently enrolled in an accredited American university or college, or will be enrolled for the Fall/Summer semester of 2017, can apply for the Mark A. Forester scholarship. Applications can be found by going to:
121) Lift Parts Express $500 June 1, 2017 Current senior in high school, enrolled or expected to enroll by Fall of 2017. Applications can be found by going to: Lift Parts Express Scholarship

122) Chiu Reveiw it Scholarship $1,000 June 30, 2017 Be attending college or university no later than September 2017, have a achieved a GPA of 2.5 or greater during their last academic year. Applications can be found by going to: Review It Scholarship

123) Points Scholarship $10,000 (10) awards June 30, 2017 Any high school senior who is a citizen of the US is eligible to apply. Applications can be found by going to: 124) VIP Scholarship $5,000 June 30, 2017 Must be 13 years of age or older, submit your entry by 11:59 pm ET on the day of the deadline. Applications can be found by going to:
125) Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship $1,000 (32) awards July 1, 2017 Girls of any age, pursuing a business or business-related program who demonstrate outstanding potential the field are eligible. Applications can be found by going to: scholarship.php
126) ERCA Community Contribution Scholarship $5,000 (18) awards July 26, 2017 Student must have recognized a need or problem in their community, and have determined a way to address this need or solve this problem, and have developed an action plan, and have implemented the action plan so as to address the need or solve the problem. Applications can be found by going to: