Akron School For the Arts

Sally Schneider — Learning Specialist


The Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC is designed for the serious student in drama, dance, visual art, or vocal and instrumental music who plans for a career in an arts profession. Over a four-year period, students will earn eight credits in art electives and upon graduation will receive a diploma which reflects this concentrated study.

Students interested in attending ASA are required to audition. To schedule an audition, you need to submit an application during APS's open enrollment period from Nov. 1-Dec. 2, 2016 for the 2017-2018 school year. Auditions will begin in early January. 

Interested students should complete the ASA Theory Exam (ASA Theory Exam pdf below) that is intended to help Akron School for the Arts music candidates prepare for the music theory evaluation during the entrance audition. We encourage applicants to visit www.musictheory.net for additional resources and creative drills to help decode music symbols. Please also consult your public, private or church music directors for additional support.

How to apply:

  • Students attending Litchfield CLC or Miller South AND who live in the Firestone CLC cluster, please fill out an ASA cluster resident application.
  • Students from outstide the Akron Public School, please fill out an Open Enrollment form .
    Download application (PLEASE NOTE: Students living in the Firestone cluster do not need to open enroll, but do need to fill out an ASA application to audition.)