Faculty and staff

Litchfield Staff 2016-2017


Principal:  Mrs. Floyd   dfloyd@apslearns.org

Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Sax   jpleise@apslearns.org

Dean of Students:  Mr. Haynes   crh46490@apslearns.org

     Mr. Lysiak   jlysiak@apslearns.org

     Mr. Mitchell   emitchel@apslearns.org

Counselor (6th and 7th M-Z):  Mrs. Fritz   afritz@apslearns.org

Counselor (8th and 7th A-L): Mr. Idahosa   sidahosa@apslearns.org

IB Coordinator:  Mrs. Cline   scline@apslearns.org

Instructional Coach: Mrs. Nativio   jnativio@apslearns.org

Secretaries:  Mrs. Calhoun   mcalhoun@apslearns.org

                      Mrs. Shaughnessy   mshaughn@apslearns.org

Librarian:  Mrs. Tedesco    ltedesco@apslearns.org


6th Grade Teaching Staff:

Language Arts:  Mrs. Miller    jmiller4@apslearns.org

Science:  Mrs. Panovich    cpanovic@apslearns.org

Math:  Miss Sonntag   res46727@apslearns.org

Social Studies:  Mrs. Myers   smyers3@apslearns.org

Language Arts/Social Studies:  Mrs. Jurkovic   jjurkovi@apslearns.org

                                                            Mrs. Krismer   akrismer@apslearns.org

Math/Science:  Mrs. Paskiet   cwaligor@apslearns.org

                                Mrs. Skeins   mskeins@apslearns.org

7th Grade Teaching Staff:

Language Arts:  Mrs. Parker   kparker@apslearns.org

                                Mr. Landry   clandry@apslearns.org

                                Mr. Staszak   sjs46491@apslearns.org

                               Miss Skropits   cskropit@apslearns.org

Science:  Mrs. Lundy-Martin   tlundy@apslearns.org

                   Miss Moga   rmoga@apslearns.org

Math:  Mr. Berrringer   dberring@apslearns.org

                Miss Markel   kmm47031@apslearns.org

Social Studies:  Mrs. Bocian    ebocian@apslearns.org

                              Mr. Gilbert   dgilber2@apslearns.org

8th Grade Teaching Staff:

Language Arts:  Mrs. Leasure   rbarwidi@apslearns.org

                                Ms. May   dmay@apslearns.org

                                Ms. Gill   mgill2@apslearns.org

Science:  Dr. Greene   mgreene@apslearns.org

                   Miss Moga   rmoga@apslearns.org

Math:  Mr. VanGilder   mvangild@apslearns.org

                Miss Markel   kmm47031@apslearns.org

Social Studies:  Mrs. Blumberg   mfalato2@apslearns.org

                              Mr. Gilbert   dgilber2@apslearns.org

Specials Teaching Staff:

Health/PE:   Mr.Armstrong   sarmstro@apslearns.org

                         Miss Ramsey   eramsey@apslearns.org

                         Mrs. Allen   kallen@apslearns.org

GTT/Tech/Robotics:  Mr. Whited   jwhited@apslearns.org

                                          Mr. Bartlett   bbartlet@apslearns.org

                                         Ms. Connelly   rfuller@apslearns.org

Foreign Language:    Mrs. Barnum (French)   rbarnum@apslearns.org

                                        Mrs. Mooney (Spanish)   mfm33002@apslearns.org

Visual/Performing Arts:   Mr. Jackson (Art)   mcj45044@apslearns.org

                                                   Mr. Schifano (Band)   aschifan@apslearns.org

                                                  Mrs. Nickras(Choir)   ean45931@apslearns.org

                                                Mr. Wolf (Orchestra)    dwolf@apslearns.org

Working Family:  Mrs. Henry   jusinski@apslearns.org

Reading Tutor:  Ms. Morgan   jem46005@apslearns.org

Special Education Teaching Staff:

Achieve Unit:  Mrs. Queen   jqueen@apslearns.org

NOW Unit:  Mr. Jarosz   cjarosz@apslearns.org

MH Unit:  Mrs. Anderson   jcox@apslearns.org

                     Mrs. MacDougall   amacdoug@apslearns.org

Intervention Specialists:  Mrs. Gill   mgill2@apslearns.org

                                                  Mrs. Collins   vcollins@apslearns.org

                                                  Mrs. Anzaldi   rla45603@apslearns.org

                                                  Mrs. Testa   rtesta@apslearns.org

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