About North High School

Our school:

  • North High School teachers have an average of 17 years of experience
  • 64% of teachers hold a master's degree or higher
  • North significantly raised academic expectations and overall enrollment in honors-level courses
  • North High School has moved up three steps on the state report card over the past three years
  • Each year, the graduating class earns thousands of dollars in college scholarships.


North High School offers:


Student activities:

  • Knowledge Bowl team, which placed in the state competition
  • award-winning Viking Newspaper.


History of North High School

North High School was originally located at what is now Jennings Middle School. In 1931, the present North High School was built on Gorge Boulevard. The new building housed 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students and officially became North High School. Two wars and the Depression delayed the completion of the building for 24 years. In 1955, a major addition including an auditorium, cafeteria and gymnasium was completed. Then in 1970, a vocational wing was added; and, in September 1972, North High School became a four-year high school once again.