About Portage Path CLC

Our school:

  • Portage Path Community Learning Center teachers average 16 years of experience.
  • 62% hold a master's degree or higher. 
  • Portage Path offers ongoing electronic testing in math and reading, a co-teaching model of instruction and an inclusion model


Our programs:

  • The "Math is Fun at the Path" program
  • Reading Recovery for first grade students
  • After-school enrichment programs  
  • An active PTA and parent liaison program
  • Project THRIVE attendance and truancy reduction program


Community partners:

  • West Akron Kiwanis Club, who support AkronReads, flower plantings, and lunchtime activities
  • a video conferencing partnership with Akron Children's Hospital and Kent State University
  • Malcom Pirnie Inc., an OhioReads partner
  • Students and researchers from Kent State University and The University of Akron



History of Portage Path CLC


The original Portage Path Elementary School building was constructed in 1908. The school’s origins can be traced back to the “Portage Path,” the path used by Native Americans who journeyed from Lake Erie to the Ohio River, using the Cuyahoga and Tuscarawas Rivers of Summit County as a link. These two rivers were separated by a distance of only eight miles and were connected by the "Portage Path."  It followed the present Portage Path road south to Copley Road, through Perkins Woods, dropped near Manchester Road and then ended at a landing near Long Lake. By 1850, a small stone building known as the Chestnut Grove School served as the first school in this district. By the early 1900s, the growth of the city and continued westward expansion led to the building of a new school, eventually known as the “Portage Path” school, which took its name from the famous Indian trail of so long ago.