About Seiberling CLC

Our school:

  • Seiberling Community Learning Center teachers have an average of 19 years of experience
  • 78% hold a master's degree or higher  


Our programs:

  • After-school tutoring programs are conducted by certified classroom teachers. 
  • AkronReads, bringing more than 50 volunteer tutors from Summa Health Care each week.
  • Scholastic Reading Counts, a supplemental, computer-based reading program, permits children to work independently.
  • Special programs recognizing stellar students who pass third- and fourth-grade reading proficiency achievement exams, have the highest GPA in grades 3-5, and who have perfect attendance
  • An active PTA, which hosts Harvest Day, Multicultural Fair and other school programs
  • PAKAS awards (Practicing Acts of Kindness at Seiberling) for students and staff positively impact the Seiberling community
  • HOOP basketball program (Hoping for Other Opportunities) for fourth- and fifth-grade boys
  • Volleyball program for fifth-grade girls


History of Seiberling CLC

Seiberling Elementary School was named in honor of Franklin Augustus Seiberling (1859-1955) and Charles Willard Seiberling (1861-1946), founders of Goodyear Tire and Rubber and Seiberling Rubber Companies. Seiberling Elementary School was originally built on a 10-acre piece of land in Goodyear Heights was donated by FA Seiberling in November 1919. He specified that the site be used for public purposes and plans for any school building be approved by him. In March 1921, the school board moved ahead with plans to construct a new school in Goodyear Heights and voted to name it "Seiberling School."


Seiberling Elementary was rebuilt as part of an $800 million project to renovate or rebuild all Akron Public School buildings. It opened its doors as Seiberling CLC in January 2014.