District 9 DECA Competition Results

North, East, Garfield and Firestone Students Excel
Posted on 01/25/2023
Image of District 9 DECA ParticipantsAkron Public Schools (APS), Lake High and Kent Roosevelt High students were recognized for their placement at the District 9 DECA competition held at Kent State University on January 18, 2023. The following APS students qualified to attend the Career Development Conference held in Columbus, Ohio, on March 10-11, 2023. These students will compete at the state level for an opportunity to compete at the International Career Development Conference, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, April 22-25.

All APS Participants Photo
Image of District 9 DECA Participants

North High School Results - DECA Adviser (Eric Mathews)
Image of North District 9 DECA Participants

 Rozi Yar - 1st Place (Hospitality and Tourism Selling Event)
 Free Dar Bee and Ester Aye - 1st Place (Travel & Tourism Team Event)
 Tapash Bhattarai - 1st Place (Principles of Marketing)
 Partima Gurung - 1st Place (Principles of Hospitality Tourism)
 Kaidon Phillips - 1st Place (Principles of Business Administration)
 Alexia Reason - 2nd Place (Principles of Hospitality Tourism)
 Shamir Gajmer - 2nd Place (Entrepreneurship Series)
 Sapmangma Limbu - 2nd Place (Food Marketing)
 Yousef Hussein - 2nd Place (Restaurant Food Service Management)
 Pradesh Mangar & Moris Corbitt - 2nd Place (Marketing Management Team Event)
 Myasia White - 2nd Place (Quick Serve Restaurant Management)
 Blessing Christ - 2nd Place (Principles of Finance)
 Ishnya Magar - 2nd Place (Retail Merchandising Series)
 Fandela Yanga - 4th Place (Business Services)
 Salina Subba - 4th Place (Principles of Business Administration)
 Bibek Subba - 4th Place (Marketing Communications)
 Aksante Micheal - 5th Place (Apparel & Accessories)
 Shaniya Hayward - 5th Place (Quick Serve Restaurant Management)

East CLC School Results - DECA Advisers (Grace Harrison, Braylin Taylor and Autumn Keller)
Image of EastDistrict 9 DECA Participants

 Justin Cox - 1st Place (Principles of Finance)
 Michael Ford - 2nd Place (Principles of Marketing)
 A'Monica Sturdivant - 2nd Place (Principles of Business Administration)
 Aaliyah Johnson - 3rd Place (Principles of Marketing)
 Sasha Brooks - 3rd Place (Principles of Finance)
 Aaliyah Johnson - 3rd Place (Principles of Marketing)
 Jo'Nia Walker - 3rd Place (Principles of Business Administration)
 Damita Brown - 3rd Place (Quick Serve Restaurant Management)
 Stephanie Valentine - 3rd Place (Restaurant Food Service Management)
 Carter Moore-Evan - 4th Place (Sports & Entertainment)
 Vica Tafolia - 4th Place (Principles of Hospitality Tourism)
 Qimarah Campbell - 4th Place (Apparel & Accessories)
 Javion Butts - 5th Place (Marketing Communications)

Garfield High School Results - DECA Adviser (Julie Garcia)
Image of Garfield District 9 DECA Participants

 Sadie Feagain - 1st Place (Marketing Communications)
 Arnae Huffman - 2nd Place (Marketing Communications)
 Saiha Stephens - 2nd Place (Apparel & Accessories)
 Lonnie Dampier - 2nd Place (Sports & Entertainment)
 Yasmeen Bell and Ciara Evans - 2nd Place (Hospitality Services Team Event)
 Amani Taylor - 3rd Place (Entrepreneurship Series)
 Christopher Leneo - 3rd Place (Retail Merchandising Series)
 Zaniyah Harris - 3rd Place (Apparel & Accessories)
 Eir'Ris Starks - 3rd Place (Food Marketing)
 Nyla Cameron - 4th Place (Retail Merchandising Series)
 Brooklynn Dixon and Kimberly Quintana-Mendez - 4th Place (Sports & Entertainment Team Event)
 Vivian Martinez-Franco and Tamiyah Richardson - 4th Place (Entrepreneurship Team Event)
 Ayana Watson and Cortez Wright-Dowdell - 5th Place (Entrepreneurship Team Event)

Firestone High School Results - DECA Adviser (Carmela Cooper)
Image of Firestone District 9 DECA Participants

 Adrian Solomon - 1st Place ( Human Resources Management Series Event)
 Saniiya Birkett and Kaleela Williams – 3rd Place (Entrepreneurship Team Event)
 Akarapohn Chuthpatomchai and Luke Rhamy - 4th Place (Sports and Entertainment Team Event)
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