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Akron Public Schools
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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction provides teachers and administrators with cutting-edge tools to ensure the greatest impact on students’ academic achievement.

This includes:

  • the latest research
  • technology
  • up-to-date information
  • staff development opportunities 

We identify ways for students to demonstrate improvement in academic achievement and encourage child-centered environments that utilize active, cooperative and real-life learning experiences.

Elementary Schools

The Elementary Schools department addresses all elementary school-related issues, including curriculum and instruction, teaching staff, technology, professional development, and elementary student and parent concerns and needs.

You may also find additional information of interest to elementary students below:

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For more Elementary School information:

Mary Outley-Kelly

Executive Director


Melissa Hawkins


Secondary Schools

The Secondary Schools department prepares students and provides a quality foundation to help them be successful as they transition into college and/or their career.

We are responsible for curriculum, instruction and programs for students in grades 6-12 as well as monitoring the progress of these students. In addition, we:

  • prepare students to meet graduation requirements and pass required graduation tests.
  • prepare students for ACT/SAT entrance exams.
  • provide students with college credit and post-secondary school options.
  • offer AP courses and exams for all students.
  • offer college and career services in career technical education.
  • provide supplemental supports for students throughout the year including OST intervention, credit recovery, evening high school, summer school and OST summer school prep
  • tutoring services for school students


Looking for a transcript? 
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For more Secondary School information:

Michelle Marquess-Kearns

Supervisor, Secondary Principals, High Schools

Larry Johnson

Supervisor, Secondary Principals, Middle Schools

Lynda Johnson

Administrative Assistant