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High School  Math

Nicole Vitale

Learning Specialist

Heidi Wiegel

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Preparation for high school math begins in sixth grade and builds on what was learned in the middle grades. Through Ohio's Learning Standards, math is more rigorous than in the past. This allows students to experience math as a comprehensive, useful and logical subject that makes use of their ability to solve problems.

Although each student’s path will vary, the typical progressions through the APS standards-based curriculum are as follows:

Traditional Sequence

Mathematics 6
Mathematics 7
Algebra I
Algebra II
Pre-Calculus (Elective)

Honors Sequence

Mathematics 6 Advanced
Pre-Algebra 7
Honors Algebra I
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra II
Pre-Calculus (Elective)
AP Calculus (Elective)

High School Math Courses