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Katrina Halasa, Ph.D.

Learning Specialist

Heidi Arney


Science Expo

The science department aims to help all students be successful in science and make it an enjoyable and challenging experience.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, make predictions, design investigations and obtain evidence -- eventually able to evaluate, defend and critique a scientific argument.Our goal is for all students to become literate in science and develop a life-long love of learning by the time they graduate.

This includes:

  • critical thinking and problem solving to make evidence-based decisions.
  • inquiry-based projects to explore science content, enhance understanding and dispel misconceptions.
  • written, oral and visual explanations of scientific concepts.
  • a safe environment to explore the ethical, economic and environmental concerns and questions of society.
  • technical resources to help all students understand and demonstrate science learning.
  • student, teacher and program assessments in conjunction with scientific inquiry, inquiry learning and inquiry teaching.

The Science Department is responsible for the science curriculum and instruction for grades K-12, including:

  • programs.
  • resources.
  • professional development.