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Akron Public Schools
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Board Members

Photo of Diana Autry

Diana Autry, BSN, RN

Board of Education President; All Committees Member; and Specialty Schools Liaison

Term to 12/31/25

Photo of Carla Jackson

Carla Jackson, M.Ed.

Board of Education Vice-President; Instructional Policy & Student Achievement Committee Chair; and Buchtel Cluster and Wards 3 and 4 Liaison

Term to 12/31/25

Photo of Bruce Alexander

Bruce Alexander

Board of Education Member; Equity Committee Chair; and Ellet Cluster and Ward 6 Liaison

Term to 12/31/25

Image of Summer Hall

Summer L. Hall

Board of Education Member; Instructional Policy & Student Achievement Committee Co-Chair; Equity Committee Co-Chair; and North Cluster and Wards 1, 2 and 5 Liaison

Term to 12/31/27

Dr. Rene Molenaur

Dr. Rene Molenaur

Board of Education Member; Legal, Contracts & Board Policy Committee Chair; and Firestone Cluster and Ward 8 Liaison

Term to 12/31/27

Photo of Job Perry

Job Esau Perry, Esq.

Board of Education Member; Finance & Capital Management Committee Chair; and Garfield Cluster and  Wards 7 and 9 Liaison

Term to 12/31/25

Image of Barbara Sykes

Barbara A. Sykes

Board of Education Member; Legal, Contracts & Board Policy Committee Co-Chair; Finance & Capital Management Committee Co-Chair; and East Cluster and  Ward 10 Liaison

Term to 12/31/27