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The Athletics Department oversees:

  • athletic calendar
  • coaching staff
  • medical and other administrative forms
  • scorekeeping
  • sports programs

APS Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees: Inaugural class of 2022

The Akron Public Schools District has a rich heritage of producing outstanding student athletes from its high schools. We are excited to recognize these APS graduates and their excellent accomplishments. After the APS HOF Selection Committee considered 40 nominations, we are very pleased to announce the following list of inductees for our inaugural APS Athletics Hall of Fame class:

Student Athletes: 
Bruce Alexander (North 1978), Phil Boggs (Firestone 1967), Dave Brown (Garfield 1971), Jimmy Gooden (Central-Hower 1980), Bill Heideman (Kenmore 1959), Michelle Marquess-Kearns (North 1989), Ricky Powers (Buchtel 1990), Antoine Winfield (Garfield 1995)

Dan "Babe" Flossie (Garfield), Joe Siegferth (Central and Central-Hower)


The OHSAA now encourages parents and students to submit pre-participation physical forms online.


Students can now transfer back to their home school from another public or private system without penalty. This is a one-time transfer only. Call the athletic office for assistance with the Bylaw 4-7-2 Exception 9 paperwork.