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Akron Public Schools
The logo of the Akron Public School District.

District Information

Akron Public Schools Mission Statement

Akron Public Schools serves every student by enriching his or her talents and interests. We develop well-rounded young people with our strong, innovative programs that stimulate curiosity and appeal to their passions for life and learning.

District Focus

Akron Public Schools has created a District Focus for its families to use as a resource. We find it a valuable set of guideposts marking our progress and mission to become the number one urban school system in the United States.

You will notice the elements of education we feel are most important for our students and the kinds of supports we have in place to ensure success.

First page of the PDF file: District-Focus-infographic

District Facts & Stats

The Akron Public School District regularly collects data to provide a snapshot of our Points of Pride. We celebrate our students' involvement and the many programs available to them.

First page of the PDF file: APS_SOS22_FactsStats-Final

Organization Chart

The APS organization chart shows the structure of Akron Public Schools by department and the relationships of its various positions/jobs.

First page of the PDF file: 2023-2024AdministrativeOrganizationChart-FINAL92223