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chief of staff

Angela Carter

Chief of Staff

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Angela Carter's unwavering commitment to education is unmistakably demonstrated through her continuous professional development and enduring dedication to Akron Public Schools. Rooted in a family legacy of educators, her journey has been marked by a deep passion for teaching and learning. Her undergraduate experience at Tennessee State University saw active participation in the "Aristocrat of Bands" and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, showcasing her dedication to both academic and community pursuits.

Carter's professional journey began in Parma City Schools, then Akron Public Schools. She started at Findley Academy teaching children in grades 3-5 with emotional and behavioral disorders. Her commitment extended beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her involvement in the school improvement team, faculty council and the initiation of a step team for girls. Her leadership skills were recognized when she became an assistant principal at Barrett Academy.

She was appointed principal of Crouse Elementary School, later Crouse Community Learning Center. Engaging in an intensive turnaround program at the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business/Curry School of Education, she joined other principals and district leaders, ultimately earning the designation of turnaround specialist. This expertise played a pivotal role when her school was designated a turnaround school. As a trained turnaround principal, she implemented impactful initiatives with a specific focus on reading, leading to immediate gains in student performance for the subsequent school year.

Throughout her leadership at Crouse, she spearheaded collaboration with the Minority Behavioral Health Group, addressing mental health needs. Additionally, she introduced Alchemy Inc., a program that orchestrates workshops and activities specifically tailored to foster a culture nurturing the self-image, self-esteem and educational aspirations of urban adolescent youth. Both organizations entered APS under her guidance and persist in serving a diverse range of schools within Akron Public Schools today.

Her next step was as principal at Mason CLC. Some of the partnerships created there included Akron Hope, The Well CDC, First Congregational Church of Akron, The Chapel, The University of Akron, CESO engineering group, Energy Harbor, Junior Achievement and individual community contributors. These partnerships played a crucial role in enriching the educational environment for students under her leadership.

Now, as the superintendent's chief of staff, Angela is integral to translating the superintendent's vision into actionable initiatives aligned with the Blueprint of Excellence - The Strategic Plan, thereby directly influencing every scholar within the district. Her multifaceted responsibilities encompass strategic execution, policy advocacy and community engagement, collectively aimed at cultivating an environment conducive to the success of Akron Public Schools (APS).