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Deficit Reduction Plan

May 22, 2024
Dear Akron Public Schools Community:

When I came to Akron Public Schools, I came with enthusiasm to be a servant leader. I’m still glad I said yes!

Over the past few months, we have conducted a comprehensive review of the district’s fiscal position, our academic standing and our overall operations. This is challenging to do from a human and emotional perspective, for me as well as our team here at APS. We have dedicated and hard-working staff who genuinely care about our scholars. As superintendent, I ask for your support and understanding as we proceed.

As we restructure and reorganize our district, our goal has been to ensure the long-term sustainability of our educational system while maintaining a high standard of excellence for our scholars and our community.

The following are, but are not limited to, our efforts:

  1. Conduct a Comprehensive Review: We have thoroughly evaluated what is working well and have identified areas we must address. We have also had to make difficult decisions about what we can and cannot afford to maintain.
  2. Operating in the Red: All school districts in Ohio must submit what is called a five-year forecast twice each year in May and November. It is my hope, as it was upon my arrival, that we remain in the black and not have to enter into what is called deficit spending. This will be challenging given our current fiscal situation. To address this, we must restructure the district to become more efficient.
  3. Staffing Changes: As part of this process, we will be reorganizing and eliminating certain positions that are no longer fiscally sustainable. Due to contracts negotiated with our unions, this will have an impact on some of our teachers who have the least seniority.
  4. Instructional Core Focus: Our commitment remains steadfast -- to maintain our focus on the instructional core, found in our Blueprint for Excellence, the APS Strategic Plan. Our scholars deserve nothing less than excellence, and we will continue to prioritize their learning experiences.

Together, we can build a stronger, more efficient Akron Public Schools that serves our scholars and community effectively.


Dr. Michael Robinson

Image of Fiscal Reorganization and Restructuring Plan

Click on the picture above to view the Fiscal Reorganization and Restructuring Plan.