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Redistricting/Restructuring Proposal

Akron Public Schools continuously works hard to enhance educational resources and maintain optimal building capacities. Due to shifts in student population and building closure, the administration will be proposing a redistricting plan to the APS Board of Education. Learn how APS is working to ensure a brighter future for our students and communities.

Shifting Population Leads to School Boundary Changes: Board Approves Restructuring/Redistricting Plan

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 — Akron Public Schools (APS) Board of Education voted in special session to approve the district's plan to restructure and redistrict to adjust to the ebb and flow of population changes.

Akron Public Schools is embarking on an initiative to right-size some schools due to population changes and necessary building closures that have occurred over the past 20 years. A series of community meetings have been conducted throughout the areas that will be affected by these changes. This includes parts of the North, East and Garfield clusters.

Image of Redistricting Boundary Map

The meeting for the board's vote on the final proposal will be scheduled within the week.

“We have to achieve a balance,” said Superintendent Dr. Michael Robinson. “For years in our city, while we were busy rebuilding our inventory and consolidating our footprint, population changes created new challenges we must meet. We must address our building capacity amid a diverse yet declining population throughout our city," Robinson said.

The district has a newly created boundary map delineating the proposed shifts as to which neighborhoods would be attached to which Akron public schools.

“Our conversations have been productive with our community," said Supt. Robinson. "Our families need to be fully aware of what we are planning. We have listened to their voices. This has been very important to this process.” He added that the re-structuring of the district would ensure more scholars are learning in new APS community learning centers as the district closes Firestone Park and Essex elementary schools, which was approved before Dr. Robinson arrived at Akron Public Schools.

The closing of Firestone Park next school year will see its scholars going to McEbright, Voris or Glover community learning centers in the Garfield cluster of schools. Essex, which has been used to accommodate students from an overflowing Harris-Jackson CLC in North Hill, will see its students return to Harris-Jackson.

To accommodate the North cluster elementary schools that are at or near capacity now, some scholars from Harris-Jackson will be going to Barber CLC in the East cluster.

The final piece to the proposal would move NIHF STEM High School into the Robinson CLC building, and students from Robinson would be re-zoned to Mason and David Hill CLCs. Akron Public Schools leases STEM High School from The University of Akron. But the lease is ending after this school year. Supt. Robinson and his administrative team have made several proposals to the board on where to put STEM. Though some parents have expressed a desire to not move scholars from the current building, APS options are limited.

Robinson reassures APS families that any changes made will allow for greater balance within the district. “As Akron changes, we must change with it so that we maximize the educational opportunities for our scholars.”


  • Firestone Park Elementary: Current Firestone Park scholars will be redirected to Glover CLC, McEbright CLC and Voris CLC.
  • Essex and Stewart early learning programs (ELP): Classrooms at Stewart will be integrated into schools across the district. Classrooms at Essex will remain in the building and allow for the continued expansion of Pre-K.


  • Robinson CLC: Current Robinson CLC scholars will be relocated to David Hill CLC or Mason CLC.
  • NIHF STEM High School: Current NIHF STEM High School scholars will find their new home at Robinson CLC.

Overcrowding Relief for Harris-Jackson CLC:

  • Barber CLC: Scholars from Harris-Jackson CLC will be transferred to Barber CLC.
  • Harris-Jackson CLC: Kindergarten students from Essex will join Harris-Jackson CLC.
  • Seiberling CLC: Scholars from Barber CLC will be welcomed at Seiberling CLC.
  • Forest Hill CLC: Some current scholars will transition to Harris-Jackson CLC.

We understand that this proposal brings a significant change for our families, and we want to assure you that our commitment to supporting every scholar remains unwavering. Your child's education and well-being are at the forefront of our decision-making process.

To provide you with more information and address any concerns you may have, we encourage you to visit our website at Additionally, feel free to submit any questions to

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