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Board of Education Evaluates Superintendent Dr. Michael Robinson's First-Year Performance

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The Akron Public Schools Board of Education has completed its evaluation of Superintendent Dr. Michael Robinson’s performance during his first year in office. This comprehensive, annual assessment tracks progress, performance and goal-setting, supporting the district’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Board President Diana Autry said the evaluation shows the superintendent’s goals and aspirations for Akron Public Schools scholars are at the forefront of his work. “Through the many challenges and complexities that come in one’s first year, Superintendent Dr. Michael Robinson has demonstrated he is equal to the task ahead and has shown competent execution, community engagement and strong advocacy for Akron’s children and families. We look forward to continued progress in the 2024-25 academic year.”

Dr. Robinson transitioned to Akron Public Schools to work and collaborate with the board, staff and community to ensure that Akron Public Schools moves in the desired direction of the board and community. “Akron is an awesome community with dynamic people who love the community and the children of Akron. I want to ensure that we do an even better job of communicating our story and our desire to make Akron Public Schools the leader in education not only in the state of Ohio but in our nation.” 


  • Competent Execution: Dr. Robinson consistently skillfully performs his duties and responsibilities.
  • Community Engagement: He establishes good rapport with various stakeholders, including community leaders and parents, addressing their needs and concerns.
  • Advocacy: Dr. Robinson strongly advocates for children and families within the Akron community.

Opportunities for Improvement:

  • Relationship Building: Build strong, collaborative relationships with the treasurer, board members, staff and community.
  • Effective Communication: Ensure all communications to and about stakeholders are professional, clear, direct, respectful and constructive.
  • Public Leadership: Dr. Robinson must provide professional leadership to inform and engage the public, highlighting Akron Public Schools goals and accomplishments.
  • Infrastructure Solutions: Develop creative and innovative solutions to address aging buildings and facilities.

Goals for 2024-25 Academic Year: The Board of Education will collaborate with Dr. Robinson to establish specific goals for the upcoming academic year. These goals align with state superintendent standards and the Blueprint for Excellence strategic plan cornerstones.

“I will continue to foster strong relationships with community leaders and seek innovative solutions to move the entire community forward through continued and ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders,” Dr. Robinson said.

“Despite the demands we have faced this year, the good days have outweighed our challenges; I have very much enjoyed my first year at APS and have a great appreciation and affinity for the hard work done by our board and staff,” Dr. Robinson said. “Every person within our district is held to the same standards of high-quality work, and these evaluations keep us on track with our mission.” 

Robinson added, “We have made academic gains because of the hard work of our school leaders, teachers and staff in diverse capacities. I am a teacher first and foremost. As a superintendent, I will continue to work and collaborate with our board, union leaders, teachers, staff and community. There is no way I can move the district forward without the collective work of our board, union leaders, staff in diverse capacities, scholars, parents and families, and our wonderful community that I am happy to call home.”

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