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Brown Visits Students at Summit County Manufacturing Camp

Brown Visits Students at Summit County Manufacturing Camp

Today, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) visited and helped present certificates to seventh- and eighth-grade students at a Summit County summer manufacturing camp his office helped organize. The camp gives local students the chance to explore manufacturing careers in their communities and learn from experts. Students will learn how products are made, participate in team-building exercises and visit local manufacturing facilities.

“We came up with the idea for camps because, too often, our students didn’t realize all the opportunities available to them in Ohio – they think about the outdated, offensive term “rust belt” that demeans our workers and devalues their work. We are burying that term,” said Brown. “You shouldn’t have to leave town or leave Ohio to find a good-paying, rewarding job. Camps like this are about showing kids all of these opportunities available to them and getting them excited about their futures in Ohio.”

“It was a really cool experience to meet Senator Brown and ask him questions,” said Eric Fletcher, a seventh-grader and participant in the Summit County Camp. “Summer Camp has been so much fun. It has been very interactive and hands-on. It's been great to create an item and see the whole engineering and manufacturing process live.”

“How cool is it for these young students to get the opportunity to meet a real U.S. Senator at summer camp? The smiles on each camper's face, when they got their camp certificates from the Senator, made me realize how impactful and important learning experiences are for young people. This camp may have just planted the seed for their future careers in Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering,” said Clayton Cundiff, Garfield CLC Academy Coach and camp organizer.

Brown’s office started organizing summer manufacturing camps in 2013 and, since then, has assisted in organizing more than 150 camps throughout the state. This year, Brown’s office will help organize at least 51 camps in 29 counties.


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