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Emeritus Honors

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Each year, the Akron Board of Education expresses its appreciation to all career educators retiring from active service. Emeritus certificates are awarded to those educators who have completed a minimum of 30 years of employment in the field of education with at least 25 of them in Akron Public Schools. 

At last night's board meeting, July 8, 2024, the board of education presented the Distinguished Employee Emeritus Certificate to the retiree with the most years of service in each of the following categories:

  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Middle School Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education
  • Central Office Administrator
  • Central Office
  • Field Administrator
  • Office Support
  • Educational Assistant
  • Custodian
  • Foreman
  • Maintenance, Buildings and Grounds
  • Child Nutrition
  • Transportation

At the meeting, Board Members presented Distinguished Employee Emeritus Certificates to the following individuals:

  • James Donald, Elementary School Teacher, 38 years
  • Karen Hazlett, Middle School Teacher, 38 years
  • Carl Oberdorfer, High School Teacher, 31 years
  • Kathy Moran, Special Education, 34 years
  • Terri Porter, Central Office Administrator, 35 years
  • Anna Clough, Central Office, 35 years
  • Addie Daniel, Field Administrator, 30 years
  • Debra Selby, Office Support, 40 years
  • Joseph Rachubka, Custodian, 49 years
  • Community