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Falcons Land All-Sports Award

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  • Buchtel CLC
  • East CLC
  • Ellet CLC
  • Firestone CLC
  • Garfield CLC
  • North High School
The All-Sports Trophy (as approved by the APS Athletics Advisory Committee) includes a combination of girls and boys sports; points for six-team sports; regular-season standing (1st = 5, 2nd = 3, 3rd = 1); points for sports with 4-5 teams (1st = 3, 2nd = 2, 3rd = 1); additional two points to championship-contest winner (one point for 4/5-team sports); additional two points to any school whose football team qualifies for playoffs; and additional points for team/individual district (2/1), regional (4/2) and state championships (6/3).
2023-24 Final Standings
Firestone CLC: 48
Ellet CLC: 43
Buchtel CLC: 32
North CLC: 24
Garfield CLC: 15
East CLC: 7