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Greatness Continues!

Greatness Continues!
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It’s the holiday season with days flying by, each one filled with so many things. But our I Promise scholars haven’t missed a beat, maintaining their focus on academics, sports and beyond.
Picking up the momentum right where they left off last year, IPS winter sports teams are starting season two with a renewed energy and focus and team spirit that is palpable from miles away. While girls basketball and seventh- and eighth-grade boys basketball teams headline on the court, the IPS step team and cheer squad are right there with them, supporting their classmates every step of the way. Season two kicked off on Monday at Hyre CLC and continues through February, and we can’t wait to watch our scholars grow athletically, academically and emotionally. As they say, there is no team tighter than family; and we are family.
Inside the classroom, our kids are excelling and exploring in new ways. Our I Promise fourth-graders recently took a trip to see our partners at Kent State University and spent time with the neuroscience team exploring the brain and its many functions.
It’s incredible to see our scholars learn about all the possibilities in front of them, including in neuroscience. Shout out to our family at Kent State University for their time and expertise!
With so much going on in all of our lives, especially this time of year, we take a cue from LeBron when it comes to keeping the main thing, the main thing. And that is doing everything we possibly can to support our I Promise students and families no matter what. In that, we find our families realizing greatness is possible for each and every one of them – and we won’t stop striving for that greatness day in and day out.
One final note through all the hustle and bustle – House Three Thirty and its incredible team is available for all of your unique needs this holiday season. Whether it’s a place to host your company’s holiday party or space for your kids to study for finals or even just a warm, cozy (and festive!) spot for a quick coffee or lunch break, House Three Thirty is your home away from home. We are family.
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