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Student Voices - Scholar Board Members and the Superintendent Advisory Team Interviewed by Ideastream

Image of Superintendent Advisory Board
On November 15 at their schools, members of the scholar board and superintendent advisory team were interviewed in person by Ideastream for a segment on NewsDepth. During the interviews, scholars shared their experiences and perspectives on leadership as Akron Public Schools scholars. NewsDepth is a weekly interactive digital series produced by Ideastream Public Media. NewsDepth breaks down the biggest news stories into teachable lessons for fourth-to-sixth-grade students. The show provides cross-curricular and real-world learning opportunities that spark great class discussions. NewsDepth stories air on all Ideasteam platforms across Ohio including television and on the Idealstream web page. Monthly, more the 70,000 people view the NewsDepth stories. The Akron Public Schools leadership segment will air sometime in late December!
Image of Superintendent Advisory Board
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