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School Uniform Policy Suspended for 2024-25 School Year

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Several weeks after families and staff responded to a survey sent by Akron Public Schools concerning school uniforms, the board of education has voted to suspend the scholar uniform policy for the coming school year.

Results showed about one in three respondents supported the return of uniforms for scholars.

"This is the fourth consecutive year we have suspended our board-approved policy governing scholars in K-8 wearing uniforms to school," said Executive Director of Business Affairs Debra Foulk.

The change began during COVID, Foulk explained. The district, she said, has been relaxing its usual uniform policy to -- initially -- give parents a chance to save money by not having to purchase uniforms.

The board hopes to update the policy next year so that it won't have to be reconsidered every year, leaving students and families questioning what to do for the upcoming school year.

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