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Akron Public Schools
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our DEI work at APS focuses on examining the ways we can better support our scholars, staff and families.
We seek to address inequities in education and community factors that contribute to education outcomes like employment, housing security, healthcare and community safety. We accomplish our work through a focus on culturally responsive practices and in collaboration with our colleagues, partners and community members.

Where We Started, What is Next

Our first phase of work began in 2017 with the board’s adoption of an equity policy and ended in spring 2023. We focused on learning about what it means to be culturally responsive as a district and identifying ways to make connections to everyday work for all staff. This work evolved as DEI committee members developed recommendations to improve our equity practices and constructed the Portrait of a Culturally Responsive Educator/Staff person.

Our current phase of action was formed through a process of learning and convening with stakeholders, staff and community to identify four goal areas.

Our Objectives

  1. Have knowledgeable educators and staff in equitable practices leading to district success.
  2. Develop an extensive collection of tools and resources for learning.
  3. Implement district-wide equity data and measurement strategies.
  4. Deliver consistent, regular accessible communication of district DEI work to all constituents.

Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee guides the work that we do. It is charged with identifying opportunities, monitoring progress, paying close attention to legislation and creating a professional learning community for staff.

Scholar Voices

Scholar Voices focuses on engaging our scholars to develop programs, engage in constructive dialogues and lend their unique perspective to district work.

Employee Resource Groups

ERGs support employees and connect them with colleagues who share similar backgrounds, experiences and interests.

What is an Employee Resource Group?

Public Advocacy and Support

Staff and team members advocate at the state and local levels and support community initiatives focused on social justice.


We are continually seeking up-to-date information and best practices to inform comprehensive education equity strategies.

First page of the PDF file: APS-CulturalSensitivityTraining