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Akron Public Schools
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Information  Technology

Welcome to the Information Technology Division of our school district!  We are committed to providing cutting-edge technology solutions to support the educational journey of our students and staff. 

  • Our Chromebook initiative ensures that every student has access to a powerful tool for learning, collaboration, and creativity. 
  • Our robust networking infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity across our buildings, enabling efficient access to online resources and educational materials.
  • Continuous professional development opportunities are provided to our staff to stay updated with the the latest trends and technologies in education. 
  • Moreover, safeguarding student and staff data is our utmost priority, and we adhere to strict data privacy and security protocols to protect sensitive information. 

Your trust in our commitment to technological excellence drives our dedication to providing the best possible IT services for our district.

Team Leads

Dan Kirk
Coordinator, Network Services

Charles Yerkey
Coordinator, Software Support (ERP)

Kevin Herrick
Coordinator, Technical Support

Sam Tashjian
Coordinator, EMIS

Lucy Wiant
Coordinator, Software Support (SIS)

Carrie Evans
Technology Training Specialist