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Akron School for the Arts is a four-year collegiate model visual and performing arts program which combines rigorous academics with sequential arts courses destined to develop advanced skills in a specific arts discipline. Coursework enables students to position themselves for successful entrance into college arts majors and/or conservatory programs. This program provides enrichment experiences through required showings and performances beyond the traditional school day.

Students are able to audition for two areas in the fall of the school year for the next school year. Open enrollment is available for students outside of the Firestone district. Students are then notified in December if they have been accepted into a program. If they have been accepted into more than one program, they will decide which area to be their main focus. Arts students are encouraged to participate in various arts programs with their main focus in one area.

Akron School for the Arts Audition Requirements

Creative Art Show

Visual Art


  • Students will submit digital images of five to eight high quality pieces they have completed within the past year. One piece must show evidence of working from direct observation (drawing or painting while looking at the real thing). This portfolio can include evidence of planning, research or exploration of ideas. This digital submission should be complete PRIOR to the audition date.
  • Students should bring one physical piece they feel is their strongest to the audition and be prepared to discuss the work in the interview. Students may also bring a sketchbook to share sketches, studies or ideas not represented in the portfolio.
  • Students will have to discuss the formal qualities of the work they chose to present.
  • Students will be expected to demonstrate technical skills and an understanding of how to create an effective composition by completing a still-life drawing. They will have approximately 40 minutes to complete their drawings during the hour of their audition time slot.
Theatre Students



  • Students will present a memorized, self-taped contemporary monologue via the provided online platform (prior to audition).
  • At the audition, the student will undergo an interview process and an improvisational game (“Who, What, Where”).
  • Students with a specific interest in the area of technical theatre are encouraged to submit any drawings, renderings, photographs or documents that demonstrate their work in this area (prior to audition).
Vocal Music Students

Vocal Music


  • Students will perform a solo, sung or played on their own instrument, preferably from the Ohio Music Educators Required List (ask current school music teacher or private music instructor for guidance).
  • Vocal music students will sight sing a passage.
  • Instrumental music students will be asked to play scales and sight read a passage
Strings Student

Instrumental Music

Dance Students



  • Students are interviewed and given a movement task to complete.
  • Audition takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • Candidates must be dressed in appropriate dance attire such as leotard, tights, T-shirt or jogging pants.
  • During the audition, students will present a 1-½ to 2-½ minute solo which was prepared in advance. Please have music on a phone, ready to go.

Before a child talks, they sing. 
Before they write, they draw.  
As soon as they stand, they dance.
Art is fundamental to human expression!
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