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Akron Public Schools
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Teaching  & Learning

Nicole Vitale

Executive Director

Jennifer Kafka


APS Community Supports in Response to the Jayland Walker Decision

Akron Public Schools is committed to providing its scholars with the best education possible. While it takes no position on the matter of Jayland Walker and his death last summer, it does seek to educate scholars and families on the subject and to do so dispassionately. Click here for resources to assist in having a discourse on the matter, whether communally or simply within one's family.

The Teaching and Learning Department oversees teacher curriculum program development at APS.

We help students succeed by simultaneously developing the skills of our teachers and ensuring curriculum is challenging, achievable and in accordance with state standards.

Some of the ways we accomplish this include:

  • curriculum development
  • instructional framework and support
  • professional development
  • student programs
  • technology
  • testing and feedback

APS Grades 9-12 Courses

Students enrolled in APS high schools have a large selection of opportunities available with challenging and enriching coursework that prepares each student for careers and life. We encourage students and families to review the courses offered at each school by clicking on any of the course selection forms and then utilize the search features below for course details.

The school counselor will advise students during the enrollment process to ensure that selected courses support the interests and goals of each student.

High School Course Catalog

Many APS courses are specific to a certain high school program, such as IB, JROTC or a College & Career Academy Pathway. Other courses may be available across all high schools. Student athletes with NCAA potential, as well as students interested in College Credit Plus or CTAG coursework, should be sure to review course options with their counselor for eligibility. Course availability may be subject to change based on staffing and student enrollment.

APS Middle School Courses 

Students enrolled in APS middle schools have many courses available to them as they prepare for high school. The school counselor will work with your student to ensure the best academic opportunities. The middle school course forms are for informational purposes only. Your individual middle school may have course enrollment procedures in place unique to their campus.