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Akron Public Schools

APS PRESCHOOL and PRE-K 2024-25 enrollment

Welcome to the Early Learning Program (ELP)!

Enrollment for APS preschool and pre-K is now open for the 2024-25 school year.

Starting this fall, APS has both full-day and half-day pre-K options to best serve families and students. Pre-K is designed for students in their final year before kindergarten, and preschool is designed to get our younger students familiar with a classroom setting.

Students who will be age four (4 ) by Sept. 30 and are potty trained are eligible to enroll in the APS pre-K program. 

Students who will be age three (3) by Sept. 30 are eligible to enroll in half-day preschool classes.

Complete your child’s enrollment by clicking the “Enroll now!” button below. If you need help or have questions, call the APS Engagement Center at 330.761.2810.

Kindergarten enrollment 2024-25

How do I choose the right program for my child?

Our hands-on, play-based preschool and pre-K classes will help your child develop the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. 

Both programs help children learn valuable social and behavioral skills alongside other children and under the guidance of highly trained, licensed teachers. These programs use a state-approved curriculum (Creative Curriculum) in all classrooms.

Preschool (1/2-day program, ages 3+)

  • For students who are not entering kindergarten next year
  • Play-based curriculum that focuses on developing pre-academic skills such as learning letters, numbers, colors and shapes
  • Helps students engage with others in a structured group environment and adjust to being away from home

Pre-K (1/2- and full-day programs, ages 4+)

  • Short for pre-kindergarten
  • For students who are four years old and will be attending kindergarten in one year
  • Structured, play-based learning that helps students prepare for the rigorous schooling they will encounter during kindergarten and beyond
  • Academic-focused curriculum that centers on developing reading, writing and math skills

Enrollment information

New student enrollment guide

APS uses an online platform called PowerSchool for student enrollment. Our online enrollment guide provides step-by-step instructions on what to do and documents you need to enroll.

Online enrollment guide

Required documents

To enroll your child in APS, you will need: child’s official birth certificate, child’s immunization record, two proof-of-residency documents for the parent/guardian (one must be a utility bill or lease), photo ID for parent/guardian, custody papers, and IEP and ETR (if applicable). 

Program cost

Our full-day pre-K program cost is $250 per month, payable in monthly installments. The half-day program cost is $125 per month, payable in monthly installments. Some families may qualify for grant assistance. Proof of income will be required.

Preschool and pre-K locations

We have preschool locations across the district with half-day a.m. and p.m. class offerings. Full-day and half-day pre-K classrooms are also offered in each APS cluster.

East cluster

  • Barber CLC: Half-day
  • David Hill CLC: Full-day
  • Mason CLC: Full-day
  • Seiberling CLC: Half-day

Ellet cluster

  • Ritzman CLC: Half- and full-day
  • Windemere CLC: Half- and full-day

Firestone cluster

  • Case CLC: Half-day
  • Portage Path CLC: Full-day

Buchtel cluster

  • Crouse CLC: Half-day
  • Helen Arnold CLC: Full-day

North cluster

  • Harris-Jackson CLC: Half-day
  • North High School (Early Childhood Education program): Half- and full-day

Garfield cluster

  • Rimer CLC: Half-day
  • Sam Salem CLC: Half- and full-day

Additional schools

  • Reach at Summit Lake: Full-day
  • Essex: Half- and full-day
Kindergarten enrollment 2024-25

Why choose APS Early Learning?

Our experienced staff at APS are here to help your child learn the social, emotional and kindergarten-readiness skills they’ll need to excel as they grow. Choosing APS preschool and pre-K programs means your child will receive the high-quality, hands-on learning experiences they need to be school ready.  

Students attending APS receive: 


Active learning


Affordable, high-value education


Educated teachers with small class sizes


Kindergarten readiness


Learning through art and music


Nurturing learning environments


Sensory experiences


Social and emotional learning 


State approved, age-appropriate curricula
Kindergarten enrollment 2024-25