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Be Kind 330 Galleries

Be Kind Rimer CLC #2

Rimer CLC celebrates "Special Specials Day" where scholars and staff united to promote kindness and build connections.


Be Kind North High School

North High School

Teacher Dianne Falasco spreads kindness around North High School.

Be Kind King CLC

A King student speaks about the Expressions of Kindness Poetry Project.

Be Kind Cheerleaders

Buchtel CLC cheerleaders are embracing the BeKind 330 initiative.

Be Kind School Counselors

Be Kind 330 postcards were presented for National School Counselors Week.

Be Kind Administration

Here are examples of Be Kind 330 at the Administration Building.

Be Kind Firestone CLC

The Firestone boys basketball team volunteered at Good Samaritan helping pack grocery bags that go to our APS students and other children in Akron.

Be Kind Rimer CLC

Rimer CLC sends cards as a Kindness Project.

Be Kind Resnik CLC

Resnik CLC posed this challenge: Help us cover the walls of Resnik with dots of kindness!

Be Kind Jennings CLC

Jennings CLC created a Kindness Station.

Be Kind Akron Alternative Academy

Akron Alternative Academy is a bully-free zone!

Be Kind Forest Hill CLC

First-grade artists at Forest Hill CLC drew bees around their handful of kindness bouquets to symbolize the play on words ... "Bee Kind."

Be Kind Voris CLC

During the month of April, Voris CLC friends in Achieve classrooms modeled acts of kindness including the operation of a Kindness Kart. The Kindness Kart traveled throughout the building spreading kindness.

Be Kind Curriculum and Instruction

Consulting teacher Tracy Cochran delivered tasty treats to teachers and principals at Buchtel CLC, East CLC and STEM High School.