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Akron Public Schools
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Students playing instruments for a performance in a classroom.

Students  & Family

APS works with students and families to build a strong system of support at school and at home. We work together toward the common goal of providing the best foundation and opportunities for every student’s educational path.

Together, We Play an Integral Role!


are responsible for:

  • maintaining strong school attendance.
  • putting forth best effort in the classroom.
  • completing tasks, assignments and testing.
  • communicating when additional support is needed.
  • being respectful and kind to others.
  • meeting graduation requirements.


are responsible for:

  • sharing accountability in student's attendance.
  • establishing routines and expectations for the student.
  • monitoring Home Access Center and teacher communications.
  • helping ensure the student is completing assignments daily.
  • being mindful of the student's physical and emotional health.
  • staying connected with schools and outside resources.

Akron Public Schools

is responsible for:

  • providing quality instruction in accordance with student goals.
  • keeping curriculum up to date and developing course material.
  • maintaining a positive learning environment.
  • providing programs that appeal to interests of all students.
  • communicating with families and encouraging school involvement.
  • partnering with community providers to offer student resources.