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Graduation Requirements

As a student entering ninth grade on or after July 1, 2019, Ohio’s new graduation requirements give you more flexibility to choose a graduation pathway that builds on your strengths and passions.  College and Career Academies of Akron allow students to graduate ready for the next steps regardless of the “E” they choose – enrollment in higher education, employment in a career field or enlistment in the military services.

The State of Ohio requires students to do three things in order to graduate: 

  1. Cover the Credits
  2. Show Competency
  3. Demonstrate Readiness
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1. Cover the Credits

Akron Public School students must earn a minimum of 21 credits satisfying the following requirements.

Akron Public Schools Credit Requirements

Number of Credits
English Language Arts 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Health .5
Physical Education .5
Electives* 6
Total 21

*The elective total may vary based on whether or not a student uses a PE Waiver. See your school counselor for details.

2. Show Competency

Competency is shown by earning the designated score (684 or better) on both the Algebra I and the English II Ohio State Tests. If, after attempting the test twice, students have not met the passing score, competency can be demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • Career-Focused Competency: meeting two (2) career-focused competency measures such as proficient scores on WebXams or earning a 12-point industry credential coupled with the Ohio Means Job Readiness Seal, a passing WorkKeys score or work-based learning hours
  • Military Enlistment Competency: meeting all enlistment requirements and enlisting in any branch of military service upon graduation from high school
  • College Coursework Competency: earning credit in a college-level English or math course through CCP
  • College Entrance Exam Competency: testing college-ready on a standardized test such as the ACT or SAT

3. Demonstrate Readiness

Readiness is demonstrated by earning a minimum of two seals. At least one seal must be a state-level seal. Students can choose seals that align with their interests and goals.

State-Level Seals

Biliteracy Seal
College-Ready Seal
Industry-Recognized Credentials Seal
Ohio Means Jobs Seal
Technology Seal
Citizenship Seal
Honors Diploma Seal
Military Enlistment Seal
Science Seal

Local Seals

Community Service Seal
Fine and Performing Arts Seal
Student Engagement Seal Logo
These are minimum requirements. Your school counselor will work with you on personalizing your graduation and post-high-school pathway. For more information on APS graduation requirements, see your school counselor and visit the graduation pathway site.