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Graduation Requirements

As a student entering ninth grade on or after July 1, 2019, Ohio’s new graduation requirements give you more flexibility to choose a graduation pathway that builds on your strengths and passions.  College and Career Academies of Akron allow students to graduate ready for the next steps regardless of the “E” they choose – enrollment in higher education, employment in a career field or enlistment in the military services.

The State of Ohio requires students to do three things in order to graduate: 

1. Cover the Credits

2. Show Competency

3. Demonstrate Readiness

1. Cover the Credits

Akron Public School students must earn a minimum of 21 credits satisfying the following requirements.

Akron Public Schools Credit Requirements

Number of Credits
English Language Arts 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Health .5
Physical Education .5
Electives* 6
Total 21

*The elective total may vary based on whether or not a student uses a PE Waiver. See your school counselor for details.

2. Show Competency

Competency is shown by earning the designated score (684 or better) on both the Algebra I and the English II Ohio State Tests. If, after attempting the test twice, students have not met the passing score, competency can be demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • Career-Focused Competency: meeting two (2) career-focused competency measures such as proficient scores on WebXams or earning a 12-point industry credential coupled with the Ohio Means Job Readiness Seal, a passing WorkKeys score or work-based learning hours
  • Military Enlistment Competency: meeting all enlistment requirements and enlisting in any branch of military service upon graduation from high school
  • College Coursework Competency: earning credit in a college-level English or math course through CCP
  • College Entrance Exam Competency: testing college-ready on a standardized test such as the ACT or SAT

3. Demonstrate Readiness

Readiness is demonstrated by earning a minimum of two seals. At least one seal must be a state-level seal. Students can choose seals that align with their interests and goals.

State-Level Seals

Local Seals

These are minimum requirements. Your school counselor will work with you on personalizing your graduation and post-high-school pathway. For more information on APS graduation requirements, see your school counselor and visit the graduation pathway site.