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Inclement Weather and emergency closing Procedures

School Year 2023-24

TO:  APS Students/Parents/Families/Community Members 
In extreme emergency situations, it may be necessary to close school buildings to cancel the school day completely or to allow for early dismissal of students. When this occurs the following procedures will occur:
  • School Closing/Cancellation of the School Day: When school is canceled due to inclement weather or other emergencies, an announcement of the closing will be broadcast by 6:30 a.m. on area TV Stations (Channels 3, 5, 8, 19 and 25); on area radio stations; and on the district’s website ( along with APS social media outlets. All students/families/staff will receive an All-Call Notification from the district’s emergency system. It is necessary that we have updated phone numbers and contact email addresses so that way we may properly contact you. Otherwise we will NOT be able to reach you.

    This year, no one will be at school buildings to provide assistance on days when schools are closed. Students are NOT to report to school buildings and are to remain at home. In the past, the building principal was available for students whose parents did not have updated phone numbers or email addresses to assist in reaching out should students arrive at campus.  Please be certain your contact information at the school is up to date. 

    Selected APS staff members needing to report to work will be contacted by their immediate supervisor.
  • Early Dismissal from the School Day: When it is necessary to close school buildings before the end of the school day, radio/TV stations will be notified; and the district’s All-Call Notification System will be activated at least 90 minutes prior to the emergency dismissal time to notify families.

    Selected staff will remain with students who are not picked up or do not have adult supervision at home as contact is made to families regarding the early dismissal. School staff will be released from duty 30 minutes after the students depart.

    (updated Nov. 1, 2023)