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Student Work Permit

Requirements & Expectations

Before completing a work permit application, please read the following requirements and expectations:

  • Students may bring in work permit applications only during non-class hours. Students may email the work permit applications to at any time.
  • Students with irregular attendance, or less than 93% attendance in school, may be denied a work permit or the work permit may be revoked. 93% positive attendance also includes tardies, individual classes missed and total school hours missed.
  • Students with failing grades are also subject to review and may be denied a work permit or the work permit may be revoked.  
  • Students who have a current truancy filing must provide a copy of a court order indicating their truancy case was closed or dismissed.  
  • Students enrolled at Community Schools, a private school, or a school outside of the Akron Public Schools District must complete his/her work permit with the school he/she is enrolled. APS will not complete a work permit for a student not enrolled into and attending APS.  

Work Permit Process

Select one of the two following ways to complete a work permit:

In Person

Complete the work permit application and physician's certificate and bring them to 10 N. Main St. to be reviewed by Engagement Center staff after school hours. Please bring student's picture ID or birth certificate to verify age.


To submit the work permit online, the student emails the completed work permit form (application and physician's certificate) along with a copy of his/her picture ID or birth certificate and his/her student ID# to The district will then process the work permit, print the student's copy and email it back to the student. The student will be instructed to sign the permit prior to giving it to their employer.  Please use to complete this process or ask any questions you may have.

Resources to Complete a Work Permit