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Safety Town Comes Into APS Schools
Posted on 11/09/2018
Image of Students Holding "Safety" Sign

The Akron fire and police departments, Akron Children’s Hospital and Akron Public Schools are combining to start a Safety Town program for all kindergartners attending Akron Public Schools.

Safety Town had been run during the summer at a few elementary schools with around 125 kids attending.

Andie Atkins, Akron Public School Safety Town organizer said the idea is to expose more children to this wonderful program. "By bringing it into the school year and into our schools, we expose more kids to everything Safety Town teaches."

Akron Public Schools has 14 elementary schools running this popular program this fall and plans to expand it to all APS elementary schools.

It is through a grant to Akron Public Schools and the Akron Fire Department from our partners at The Harford that brings the support for fire safety education efforts and programming. The grant also provides every kindergartner with a bicycle helmet that will be properly fitted.

The Safety Town program will be a one-day program set up in the gym of each elementary school. The kids will be split up into sessions. There are a total of 10 sessions (Bike, Electrical, Health/Poison, Pedestrian, K-9, Stranger Danger, Bus and Fire Smoke Safety, along with 911 and Burn Center sessions). Each session will have a short video or presentation followed by a hands-on learning portion.

Each Safety Town session is about 20-30 minutes long. The entire program will be approximately four to four and a half hours long and will include their regular lunch time.

Below are the 14 schools that are participating and the dates safety town will be presented:

  • Resnik CLC, Oct. 22-23
  • Findley CLC, Oct. 29-31
  • Harris-Jackson CLC, Nov. 7-9
  • Schumacher CLC, Nov. 12-13
  • Voris CLC, Nov. 14-15
  • Sam Salem CLC, Nov. 19-20
  • Windemere, Nov. 26
  • Betty Jane CLC, Nov. 28-29
  • Portage Path CLC, Nov. 30
  • Robincon CLC, Dec. 3
  • Crouse CLC, Dec. 6-7
  • Rimer CLC, Dec. 13-14
  • McEbright CLC, Dec. 17
  • Barber CLC, Dec. 18


Safety Town Curriculum

Playground safety - lessons on respect and personal space; demonstrations/participation on how to safely navigate playground equipment (slides and swings)

Bike safety - each child will receive a helmet; lessons on wearing helmets and how to safely ride anything with wheels; demonstrations/participation on matted bike course in gymnasium

Burn center - lessons on fire and heat; how to avoid being seriously injured

Electric safety - lesson on electricity and how to be safe; reviewing rules for flying kites, how to be safe around electrical devices, plugs, electricity and water; demonstration/participation with static electric ball

Health/poison safety - lessons on how to clean hands and how to avoid germs; visual demonstrations/participation with various poisons and the appeal of everyday household items

911 - Lesson on how to dial 911 and how to speak with a dispatcher; demonstrations/participation on a simulator and toy cell phones

Pedestrian safety - lesson on navigating crosswalk and learning signs; demonstrations/participation with school crossing guards and how to cross streets

K-9 safety - lessons on how to safely engage with an animal; demonstrations/participation with officers and how to avoid being lured by a stranger; how to report an incident

Bus safety - lessons on how to be respectful and safe on a bus; demonstrations/participation with APS bus drivers

Gun safety - lessons on how to avoid guns and what actions to take if exposed to a gun; demonstrations/participation with identifying and avoiding toy gun (pellet, airsoft)

Fire smoke safety - lessons on how to stay safe during a fire; demonstrations/participation with stop, drop and roll and with the Smoke House

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