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Firestone Students Perform at Carnegie Hall
Posted on 05/07/2020
Image of Firestone at Carnegie HallBelow is a letter Firestone CLC's Director of Choirs, Chad Pittman, sent to parents of the Symphonic Choir (Advanced) at the Akron School for the Arts/Firestone.

Hello, Symphonic and Parents/Guardians:

I want to share a video that we just received from Manhattan Concert Productions with footage from our concert at Carnegie Hall. I encourage you to watch the whole thing but especially focus on our portion beginning at 4'10. AND how about that climax at 4'25? Wow! I was about to take a little afternoon rest, but that's not going to happen now. Whew!

For those who went on the trip to Carnegie and for parents/adults who supported the trip, I hope you enjoy the footage. For those who did not, I thank you for joining us in the learning process and hope you enjoy an additional perspective on the music you put your hearts into.

Also below is a letter from Dr. Lynda Hasseler to our choir.

I send this with high hopes for good health and spirits and all the best during this unpredictable time.


Chad Pittman

A love letter from Dr. Hasseler:

I haven’t stopped thinking about you and your “out of this world” performance on Carnegie Hall stage on Sunday, March 8, 2020. I’m not sure I can adequately put into words what you accomplished. It was far beyond a performance – it really was a transformative experience! When I walked on stage and raised my arms and looked at all of you, I knew at that moment, beyond the shadow of doubt, we were in for something amazing. You did it all – you sang beautifully and expressively, you embodied the raw and deep emotions expressed in the poetry of this great work, you sang every vowel, every consonant and every phrase with total commitment, you became the music. Now that’s a transformation.

This wonderful masterworks choir rehearsed with such discipline, attention to detail, commitment, musicality and joy. Because of your thorough preparation and commitment to excellence, the rehearsal process was elevated and the learning was deeper for every singer in the room. Thank you for every minute – I truly loved making music with you in every rehearsal as well as our concert. And thank you also for your courage in the performance and for trusting me and the process. I know the dress rehearsal was shaky for a variety of reasons. During the performance, I could feel you watching and following me as though your lives depended on it. And I believe you inspired the orchestra to play with more energy and commitment. Your performance was electric, powerful, sensitive, dramatic, beautiful, impressive and life-changing.

In the days ahead, please take good care of yourselves - I am sending you my special healthy stamp! And I want you to know you are welcome at Capital University any time, and I would joyfully welcome you with open arms into our choral program. I would dearly love to make music with you again!

Peace is exactly what this world needs right now, and your singing helped every listener in our audience believe it’s possible. You brought hope to a tired world, you soothed hearts that have been cold too long, you restored listeners’ faith in humanity with your sincere expression of the beautiful poetry of this piece. I am so grateful to you and for you. I’m so glad all of us were able to make this trip and to have this mountaintop experience together. Let’s continue to let Dona Nobis Pacem resound in our hearts and minds during the challenging days ahead. Think about those places in the music that helped you feel and find peace, and carry them with you wherever you go.

For as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make, shall remain before me.

My heart gives you love,

Dr. Hasseler

(Dr. Lynda Hassler is director of choral activities at Capital University. She was the featured guest conductor at Carnegie Hall, and she sent Firestone singers a special invitation to join her and her students.)

Image of Firestone at Carnegie Hall  Image of Firestone at Carnegie Hall  Image of Firestone at Carnegie Hall  Image of Firestone at Carnegie Hall 
And below is a video of the performance!

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