About King Elementary School

Our school:

  • King Elementary School is rated Excellent, one of only 20 in Summit County with that rating.
  • King Elementary School was selected by the Ohio Department of Education as a School of Promise.
  • Our teachers average 19 years of experience.
  • 91% hold a master’s degree or higher.
  • School tours are scheduled during March and April for prospective families.


Our programs:

  • An award-winning home reading development for kindergarten students and their families
  • AkronReads partnership with the Summit County Juvenile Court. 
  • Nationally recognized King Elementary School PTA
  • After-school enrichment classes in sign language, Spanish, cheerleading, guitar, kickball, math games, board games, magic, etc., sponsored by the PTA
  • Family programs, including Game Night and Science Night
  • An active Student Council
  • After-school child care sponsored by the YMCA  


History of King Elementary School

King Elementary School was constructed in 1923 and is named in honor of three members of the King family, and important family in Akron History: Leicester King, David L. King and Henry W. King. Leicester King served as an associate judge of Trumbull County for seven years and was given a large area of land in North Akron in 1934. In 1840, he built the Cascade Mill and was a key promoter of the Pennsylvania & Ohio Canal. He is thought to be responsible for changing the plan of the canal route so it would come through Akron. David L. King, son of Judge King was secretary and treasurer of the Akron Sewer Pipe Co., a leading manufacturer of vitrified sewer pipe. The most important member of the King family in the history of Akron Public Schools is Henry W. King. He was secretary of the citizens’ committee that established the Akron Plan of free public schools passed by the state legislature in February 1847. The Akron Plan became the model for tax-supported schools in Ohio and throughout the nation.