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Akron Public Schools


Akron City School District, or Akron Public Schools (APS), serves our community of 198,000 with 47 schools, or community learning centers. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to making our schools top performers, with APS always at or near the top performers among the eight largest urban districts in Ohio.

Find Your School

Find the school in your neighborhood using our interactive district map. For questions, call the Engagement Center at 330-761-2810.

Need a different view? Try our School Zone Map.

What is a CLC?

We call our schools community learning centers or CLCs. Community learning centers are co-owned by the city and the school district and serve the entire community with myriad activities after the school day has come to an end. Rather than building new community activity centers for the residents of Akron, these have been built into our school buildings for all to use.
All but a handful of our schools have been rebuilt in the last 15-20 years in a massive, $800 million, taxpayer-supported effort to bring modern, tech-ready, energy-efficient new school buildings to our city and our student body of 21,000+ in pre-kindergarten through grade 12.


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